Amy Cooper & Stoking Racial Animosity

I had considered writing about George Floyd this morning, but since the investigation into his death is in the initial stages, I decided to wait on it. I’ll simply say that people don’t die from suffocation after thirty seconds like they do in the movies. And when you are truly suffocating, you cannot audibly say, “I can’t breathe.” It takes several minutes to kill someone by that means. Considering the coroner has not even released Floyd’s cause of death it would be wise for people to not jump to conclusions. Heart attacks happen to 46-year-old men all the time. Just saying. I won’t be surprised if the cops were completely responsible or if there much more to the story as there usually is.

Instead, I’m going to focus on the other race-baiting story that has gone viral in the past 24 hours and is slightly less volatile. It’s also a bit confusing as the two people involved in the confrontation have the same last name although not being related.

I don’t actually give a shit about the interaction. I’m somewhat amazed that this story has gone viral, but then again, I’m commenting on it. To give a bit more context, however, I’ll post this to point out that the black man taking the video was not Mr. Innocent. This is from his Facebook page.

The dude provoked her, but that doesn’t completely excuse her behavior. Her name, by the way, is Amy Cooper. She was fired from her job over this, because it’s 2020. Considering how irrational her reaction is in this video I cannot have imagined that she was a very valuable employee.

I rather want to focus on the Twitter commenter Keion’s reaction. I think it is indicative of the rational black perspective in 21st century America. Notice, I say rational and not realistic. We can rationalize a lot of views that have no basis in reality. Oh, I have no doubt that black people live in fear of white cops, white Karens, and institutionalized white racism. However, when the stats are examined, it is quite easy to see that those fears are illegitimate. Blacks are not hunted for sport by white people in the United States. To the contrary, whites disproportionately suffer violent crimes at the hands of blacks.

What the Keion’s of America fail to understand is that they are being used as pawns in a very old game. The (((elites))) in this country have been using the black community for revolutionary purposes for a 150 years. These rulers pursue revolution as a fundamental drive in their nature. The more practical reason is that these elites know that if white and black are fighting each other then neither group will mind being financially and culturally subjugated by this Tribe. To be fair to Keion, the whites in this country do not understand this trick either.

It would be dishonest of me to say that black and white could live happily ever after in these United States if only the (((elites))) were not stoking animosity. Nations desire sovereignty and until that sovereignty exists there will always be friction. But in all likelihood, without the provocations of the overlords, the respective nations would be moving towards sovereignty instead of towards war.

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