Joe Biden Might Be A Child Predator

Fair Warning: This Video will likely make you want to physically harm Joe Biden.

There is no new content in this video that has not already been shown. Yet, there is something powerful about seeing the clips consecutively and recognizing a habitual pattern in Creepy Joe’s behavior. It is sickening and it is not even remotely normal. Anyone who would argue that this is the behavior of all “Old white men” are repeating scripted lines. If anything, men from older generations follow lines of social decorum more diligently as they can recall times that there were consequences to behaving like a creep.

I can’t help but notice how my view of Joe Biden has changed immensely over the past several months even with leaving his obvious dementia out of consideration. Initially, he always came across as a simpleton or a buffoon. He was a good ole boy who could barely speak without making a fool of himself. Dumb, but harmless.

But then the political corruption with the Ukraine and Burisma holdings came to light. At first, while obviously evil and wrong, it seemed like the run of the mill standard political corruption. I imagine that most people in Washington have used their immense power to better themselves and their family financially. It’s so commonplace that it’s only notable when a politician doesn’t trade wealth for the price of their soul. Later, however, the details came out that there was a complex network of money-laundering and payouts between Ukraine, Burisma, Franklin Templeton Investments, and the Democrat party to the tune of $7.4 billion. That is another level of evil. But still, it’s just money- a debt the Ukrainian people would have to pay- and us small people of the world are accustomed to being hosed over by our ruling elite.

But when I watch this video I see the highest tier of evil because I see a monster who preys upon children. I see a man with long-tenure within the Democrat Party which had close associations with Jeffrey Epstein. And the Dems did not only have close associations with Epstein but appeared to actively promote him and protect him. These are the same people with close ties to Marina Abramovic and the cult of Satanism that preys on children and wants to sacrifice them Moloch.

I have been very naive about the nature of Joe Biden.

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