No Fan Of Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is highly intelligent, a diligent researcher, and an entertaining writer. She’s also a perfect demonstration of why women should never be involved in politics.

I’ll stop linking at this point, but there are several other emotive posts that Coulter made about this subject. In case you know only a little about Coulter, she once penned a book titled In Trump We Trust, but has since become a vehement critic of the President over the past several years. Before moving onto making my argument, let me acknowledge that Coulter is making some excellent points about the Alabama senate race in this series of tweets.

Contrary to some opinion on the Right, I do not believe that women should be prohibited from the public sphere due to a lack of competence, at least in the way that we normally frame competence. Sure, there are plenty of women placed in their elite positions for no other reason than they are the female gender and that creates problems. But that does not mitigate the fact that there are multitudes of intelligent and hard-working women who can do a particular job well.

Nevertheless, there are several other reasons why women do not belong in politics or the public sphere, in general. The classic argument is that women have more important endeavors to be pursuing, such as preserving and saving civilization by being good wives and rearing children. Notably, Coulter has completely neglected this pursuit. This is particularly odd in the situation with conservative women in politics, who are trying to bring the present back to the past (I would argue this is misguided), but have failed to notice that “back in the good ole days” women were running the home, not running for Congress. And in case you are of the persuasion that believes there should be exceptions to this general rule due to a particular woman’s undeniable talent, I would say that they may not be thinking enough about the long-term. With Coulter, for instance, though she is undeniably talented, perhaps had she focused on raising children she could have bore a son who could have done even greater things in the public sphere than she has. As it is, Coulter’s strong stock will die with her.

There is also the argument that women don’t handle the public life particularly well due to their sensitive natures. They are simply too histrionic. In case you have never met a woman or live in a bubble of denial, please read Coulter’s entire thread aimed at President Trump if you need more persuasion.

But a point that often goes missed in this discussion about a women’s role in society is that women cannot functionally grasp the nuance of hierarchies. Their more egalitarian nature prohibits them from treating their superiors with due honor, which causes all kinds of frictions within organizations. Coulter is blind to this reality. It’s not that she is disagreeing with Trump that makes her look crazy. It’s how she disagrees with Trump that proves she’s a Karen. Men disagree with each other all of the time, but they understand there are rules in who they fight and how they fight. Men understand that if you want to maintain group cohesion and are in a disagreement with someone who is in a higher-status than you, then you don’t go nuclear in name-calling against the leader. This hamstrings the group’s efforts by creating dissension in the ranks, thereby lowering morale, and it forces the Alpha’s hand to retaliate. Men understand that you only use your Twitter against Trump as Coulter has habitually done in recent years if you are determined to burn down the whole damn movement.

Coulter probably believes she was noble to defend Sessions. What she is actually did was emasculate him. She also nearly guaranteed that the difficult relationship between Trump and Sessions will not resolve itself.

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