Thanks Soy Boy, But I’ll Keep Meat In My Diet

The end of meat is a topic that is currently trending on Twitter. Since one of my enthusiastic hobbies is to mock vegans and vegetarians, I’ll address this subject for fun. The trending topic seems to be caused by a recent New York Times article.

I was very relieved to learn that according to this article’s sub-title I will be continued to be allowed to eat brisket since I don’t care about the working poor, racial justice, or climate change. Okay, I do care about the working poor, but this pencil-neck author is not talking about raising wages. He’s talking about how oppressive it is to keep meat factories open during the Plandemic.

In case you need to visualize the level of gayness present within the author of this article, here you go.

Jonathan Safran Foer on Our Moral Obligation to Eat Better

What is remarkable is that he is exactly what I envisioned before I looked up his picture. A typical low-T effeminate male.

The article then proceeds to outline the normal talking points of the injustice of carnivorism: greenhouse gases, global warming, people don’t need lots of protein, you’ll live longer eating plants. All of these theories, predictably, are proof-texted with other media articles that claimed to be based on IRREFUTABLE SCIENCE. And it just so happens that the science comes from research labs that are funded with the aim of spreading ideologies.

The majority of the population will never become vegans and vegetarians because they know too many vegans and vegetarians. 90% of the V/V’s would fall into categories of “unhealthy looking” and “unlikeable pretentious people.” Well over half the V/V’s I know fall into the obese category, whereas, meat and vegetable dieters seem to universally look fit.

They want you to give up meat not because of the health benefits or because it will help heal mother Gaia, but because of the hormonal detriments. People who do not eat meat have lower testosterone levels. And people with lower testosterone levels are less-resistant to being controlled. The movement is not about saving the world from global-warming. It’s about benefitting globohomo.

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