How To Not Karen & Bryan

The is Part Three. Here are Parts One & Two that explain the origins of Karen, and her lesser known man, Bryan.

I’ll keep this brief since I do not think the remedy to Karen-hood or Bryan-hood is necessarily complex. It is relatively simple but amazingly difficult. I am not even sure that after reaching a certain age- and I’m thinking after 35- a person can make meaningful change. This is surely more the case with women, whose preventative path away from this destructive lifestyle largely depends on the choices she makes in teens and twenties. In one of the rare instances when I’ll concede that “Women have it harder than men” it is that women must figure out life early on, whereas men have much more latitude with time to course correct. So, as I mentioned in the previous posts, perhaps this humble advice is geared more towards proto-Karens and proto-Bryans who are teenagers or are in early adulthood.

Here is the simple advice: men and women must embrace traditional paths respective to their God-given gender. Mind-blowing, I know. Though, all kidding aside, this can be extremely difficult to do if you have never had a good role model. That is why seeking out role models and proper archetypes is an imperative. Once good examples are found, fake it until you make it is a good operating procedure. Better yet, imitate until you make it. I think both men and women will find that each step they take towards embracing their proper identity will be more rewarding than the previous and a virtuous cycle will ensue.

That does not mean the path will be easy.

A man must sacrifice Bryan’s passivity and incessant need to esteem women to an unhealthy degree. This will require a man to look to God instead of whatever woman he is pedestalizing to determine his path. This requires taking on quite a bit more responsibility. It requires learning how to lead, something a proto-Bryan is terrified by. This is due to leadership’s correlation with risk which is something that keeps effeminate men awake at night. If a man can learn to embrace this uncomfortable path and can learn to arise every time that he is knocked down, then he can make progress as he is forged in the fire of masculinity.

A proto-Karen, on the other hand, must do the exact opposite. She must learn to embrace passivity and develop a gentle and loving spirit. If she is single, then developing these virtues will be much easier if she has a protective male relative who will look out for her and can make her feel safe. Of course, having a male relative willing to do this is not always an option. Women are life-giving and therefore must surround themselves with life in order to be fulfilled. While bearing children is the ultimate goal here, taking care of pets and cultivating a garden might be good interim surrogates to increase her femininity. Since life and creativity correlate, taking on some artistic hobbies can also be helpful. Above all else, a woman must abandon a career path or any competitive activity that increases her masculinity. This is spiritual destruction for women and feeds the beast that will become Karen.

Lastly, when treading these more conventional paths, men and women must both grow some thick skin. Men will need to be comfortable being called “Jerk” and “Asshole.” To be clear, men should not strive to be either in a true sense. Nevertheless, moderns are not accustomed to men acting like men and they will certainly try to shame true men for behaving as they should. For women, be prepared to be called weak and foolish. Your girlfriends, mother, and male feminists friends (who are likely trying to sleep with you) will tell you that “you don’t need no man” and that you would do better to learn to take care of yourself. Just remind yourself when you hear these lies that career women on average are the least happy population to ever inhabit the earth.

The most wonderful blessing of embracing these traditional paths is attracting the right type of person from the opposite sex. Men, when you learn to be strong, you’ll notice that not only will women in general will give you more attention, but particularly softer and sweeter women will fall into your orbit because you can offer the complimenting energy they need. Since you know who you are, whom you serve, and are strong in your convictions, you will be a solid oak that these gentle women feel secure in leaning up against. Likewise for women, when you embrace a meek and gentle spirit, you will notice that stronger masculine men will be pulled in by your allures, because you offer the refreshing energy that their coarse soul yearns for. In the Karen-Bryan relationship, no one is happy because everyone is fighting against their nature. In the more traditional relationship, everyone is at peace because they are living according to God’s design.

One thought on “How To Not Karen & Bryan

  1. Has anyone ever called you a pig? Of course they have! Man, I feel for your wife. She’s probobly planning her escape as fast as those ignorant words come out of your mouth. I knew you as a brother from church but never knew you had such little respect for woman. As a man, a brother and a Christian I have to say the doctrine you recite is something I have never been taught. You’re interpretation of woman and their place is an unhealthy one.

    Not to change the subject but your son does not have a vocabulary of 50 words. It’s more like 5 at the most. If you haven’t already I strongly suggest you get him checked for autism, hearing impairment, brain tumor, brain damage or something because he is behind in his milestones. If you cannot recognize this his pediatrician will. The sooner addressed the better off everyone will be. It’s your son and it’s only fair to him to take quick action.

    Sorry brother for not saying anything to you in person but you give off a very strong and unapproachable vib. Now that your gone I can express my concerns. Put your beautiful wife on top of that pedestal where she deserves to be before she runs. The world, her world does not revolve around you.



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