Netflix Is Pushing Pedophilia… Again

I truly do enjoy some of Netflix’s TV shows, but no longer pay for the subscription service. When Netflix threatened to boycott the state of Georgia over their restrictive abortion bill I decided to terminate my service. Now, I simply make use of their free month trials.

Since my boycotting of the boycotters over at Netflix I have learned of more deplorable behaviors present within this premiere streaming service, namely, the promotion of pedophilia.

I would assume that the characters in this film are supposed to be teenagers. In case you missed the subtle message of the pedophilia symbol on the shirt, which no doubt 99% of the viewers will glaze over, the character wearing the shirt is announcing his homosexuality. Those familiar with homosexuals are aware of the blurring overlap of the gay and pedophilia communities. The long association between the two is a great source of embarrassment to the current LGBTQ+ regime, that is, until it becomes LGBTQP, and then it will be year zero all over again and pedophilia persecution will have always been oppressive in hindsight.

The devil-worshipers have to display their symbols. This isn’t a peculiarity, but is indicative of every ideology, philosophy, and religion since the dawn of time. Early Christians, who were persecuted by Imperial Rome and the Jews, had many symbols to signal places of worship or to demonstrate subtly who was a follower of Christ. It is a way of demonstrating pride in a way of life without announcing on a loudspeaker to the world who you are or what is your business. It is a way of cueing in like-minded people who are already in the know. As more in power belong to this Luciferian sect we can expect to see more of their symbols popping up all of the time, perhaps especially in casual entertainment, which is run by these monsters.

Lastly, I’ll circle back around to the character in this kid’s show being a homosexual. Even thirty years ago when I was a child that would have been unthinkable. Hell, I can’t even think of a network show that had a gay character in it until Will And Grace. Now, no show can be put on television, and especially Netflix, without a token gay character. The project has been to normalize sexual immorality and it has been tremendously effective. The pedophilia symbol, is not about what is normal now but what the heathens are attempting to normalize in the future, which no doubt they will do if they go unopposed in the culture war as they did with their pushing of homosexuality.

To be clear, I do not think the hedonists are brilliantly strategic in the long-term. In fact, since they are a slave to their passions they can only think in the short-term. However, they are excellent solipsists and historical revisionists. They always seek more depravity to fill the void in their soul and therefore they seek to justify it.

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