Polish Christian Nationalism Vs. LGBTQ Agenda

Nationalist Poland is leading the way back to Western Civilization by embracing the traditional teachings of the Catholic church about sexual immorality.

The Polish government’s targeted political campaign against the LGBTQ community continues to gain traction, driven by its ultranationalist leading party and galvanized by the institutional church as well as by Polish society, of which a majority identifies as Catholic.  

According to the National Catholic Reporter, the Polish government’s Law and Justice majority party seeks to dismantle human rights protections for LGBTQ persons through the ‘Stop Pedophilia’ bill.

This ballot measure initiated by Polish citizens required a minimum of “100,000 signatures for parliamentary consideration,” and received strong support from the Polish Catholic Church. If passed, the bill would criminalize the teaching of sex education in schools and would make homosexuality equal to pedophilia.

Human Rights Watch reported that the bill would criminally ensnare numerous groups of professionals simply for discussing LGBTQ identity, stating:

“People and organizations providing sexuality education or information on sexual and reproductive health and rights, including teachers, outreach workers, authors, and health care personnel, fear the bill could land them in prison for up to three years for doing their jobs.”

The connection between homosexuality and pedophilia has been long understood since ancient times. The fact that anybody pretends that on a large enough scale the two sins are not deeply entwined is insulting. The targeting of “Sex Education” in schools is going after the root of the problem. There is no other way most children are exposed to sexual immorality outside of this horrific classroom practice, besides pornography, which there are also attempts to criminalize in Poland.

Of course, there are the usual protestations from the Gomorrahans.

But not all of Polish society supports these regressive measures. According to ABC News, Marcin Nikrant, an openly gay man, resides in a small town in northern Poland where the majority of residents voted in favor of the Law and Justice Party last year.  Yet Nikrant has been elected mayor three times despite being open about his sexuality:  

“‘They’re really interested in what I can do for them — if I’m helpful or not…They really don’t care about my private life. They don’t care who I am sleeping with.’”

Nikrant believes that the church’s relationship with the Polish government is troubling, and he has become weary of its influence:

“‘The church should in no way allow hate speech against homosexual people and today it does.’”

Lech Walesa, a devout Catholic, and Poland’s Cold War hero as the leader of the Solidarity movement which dismantled Communist rule in the late 1980s, reflected on the disturbing union between Poland’s democratically elected government and church officials:

“‘In Poland, I want to say that our constitution is being broken, the separation of powers is violated and we have to do something about it.’

“‘The church needs to go back to its right place…Many priests haven’t returned to their religious field because they started to enjoy their political roles.’”

The separation of Church and State powers experiment strategically removed the former from political spheres of influence. In so doing, it galvanized the spiritual and political agendas of the anti-Christians. No group of people can exist coherently without a spirituality and the materialists are no exception. The god of hedonism is the individual’s passions and is every much a religion as Christianity. The illusory separation of politics and religion created a back door by disguising their Luciferianism as a “Way of life” and not a “Religion.” Hence, the separation is inherently and exclusively anti-Christian.

Besides, Christendom has long maintained a healthy separation of church and state by separating the temporal powers for the spiritual. But before the revolutionary age, we didn’t handicap the church for exercising its own agenda, or “lobbying” to use an anachronism, within the state.

The Poles have every right to organize on a Church level for what they wish to accomplish on a political level. Contrary to this quoted mayor, the Church’s “Right Place” is at the heart of a national and political life. Any other arrangement simply invites another religion to take its place. If you have a hard time believing that, then look at what is happening in Mogadishu, MN with Islam.

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