Trump Should Fire Dr. Fauci

I knew before I watched Plandemic that Dr. Fauci was corrupt. But now, every he move he makes is even more obviously in his own self-interest, whether directly or indirectly.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Tuesday that reopening cities and states too quickly could trigger an outbreak that would get out of control and turn the clock back on efforts to fight the coronavirus.  

‘You will trigger an outbreak as you may not be able to control,’ he warned in his testimony before the Senate, adding ‘which in fact will set you back, not only leading to some suffering and death that could be avoided but could even set you back and almost turned the clock back rather than going forward. That is my major concern.’

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also conceded the death rate is likely higher than the 80,000 reported. 

But with his warning came words of hope as he said scientists aim to know if a successful coronavirus vaccine has been found by ‘late fall and early winter.

First, exaggerate the severity of a disease. Next, make the population vulnerable by compromising their immune systems. Then, remove effective and cheap remedy from supply, like Hydroxylchloroquine. After that, make the health crisis a self-fulfilling prophecy as weak people are released back into normal social environments. They will become sick and you, the health director, will appear to be wise. Finally, when everyone is sick and paranoid, you can offer your vaccine balm that will make you and your friends obscenely wealthier.

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