Plandemic Vignette Exposes Fauci & Redfield Conflict Of Interest

I finally was able to watch the vignette for Plandemic yesterday. It contained quite a bit of information that I was already familiar with, but also clued me into more shocking truths about this crisis and our national health directors.

The first redpill was regarding the nature of patents. Apparently, top-level national health directors like Dr. Anthony Fauci with the NIAID, and Robert Redfield with the CDC, are permitted to own medicinal patents even though they have tremendous power to control national policy towards healthcare and responses in pandemics. This creates an obvious conflict of interest where these individuals can make huge profits privately by how they choose to direct the public.

Another angle on this conflict of interest is discrediting viable solutions to diseases that these monsters do not stand to make a profit from. The clear example from the coronavirus outbreak was when Dr. Fauci smeared the helpfulness of Hydroxylchloroquine & Zinc. Medical doctors around the world have been virtually unanimous in their praise of the effectiveness of this drug in its ability to ward off the coronavirus. Hydroxylchloroquine, despite Fauci making it seem dangerous, has been considered an essential medicine for seventy years. It would seem the reason he is making people afraid of it is because it is a drug that no one holds a patent to. No one will get rich off the easy cure.

Owning these patents also incentivizes these various directors and the agencies that they control to make the masses sick. The patents to medicine are only profitable if people use their products, either voluntarily or by mandate. I have addressed how these agents create an artificial demand for medicine though media generated hysteria, always remembering that Big Pharma spends $5 billion annually in media advertisements. I have also addressed how men like Bill Gates could profit massively if the governments mandate his vaccine on their populations. What I have not addressed, and Plandemic brought to my attention, was how quarantine measures were literally serving to make people sicker. The documentary displays several doctors commenting on how face masks, gloves, shelter in place, the banning of outdoors and beaches, all serve to drastically weaken people’s immune systems through the lack of exposure to bacteria. They confidently theorize that when the lockdowns are lifted there will be a massive health crisis, not because of a resurgence of COVID-19, but due to everyone’s weakened immune system. Those in power will thereby optically be permitted to institute another lockdown.

The documentary vignette was fascinating and I highly recommend watching it. I look forward to its full-release later this summer and will certainly post about it when it comes out.

There are several places where you can still find the video, but YouTube and Facebook have taken it down because it is far from kind towards our national health agencies and Big Pharma.

Here is the vid.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”border: none;” src=””></iframe&gt;

Here is their website.

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