It’s Just Like I Claimed

The governors of the large Democrat states seem to be determined to accomplish the imperatives of evil that I have been discussing for the past few weeks. The imperatives, if you recall are to push the lucrative satanic vaccine on the entire population, to cause the economy to crash, and in crashing the economy to thereby institute the atheistic socialist state. I do not believe this to be a meta-conspiracy as much as several individual goals opportunistically converging.

Out in California

California Gov. Gavin Newsom told residents in his state not to expect life to go back to normal from the coronavirus pandemic until after a vaccine is rolled out.

“We’re not going back to normal,” Newsom said during a Tuesday press conference. “It’s a new normal, with adaptations and modifications, until we get to immunity and a vaccine.”

Newsom added in a statement that while the state is moving forward to “Stage 2” of the reopening process, people will still have to cope with other restrictions imposed by the state going forward.

“Millions of Californians answered the call to stay home, and thanks to them, we are in a position to begin moving into our next stage of modifying our stay-at-home order,” Newsom said in a press release. “But make no mistake — this virus isn’t gone. It’s still dangerous and poses a significant public health risk. As we move into the next stage of reopening, we will do so with updated guidance to help qualifying businesses make modifications needed to lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure to customers and workers. Californians should prepare now for that second stage of reopening.”

Keep a few things in mind, even if you are not an anti-vaxxer such as myself. California is one of the states that mandates all of their children to be vaccinated if they attend school. No religious exceptions. Also, please note the flu vaccine has been around since 1942 and still around 50,000-100,000 people die from influenza annually. Vaccines are not a cure, not even close. Every public official knows this and yet they present vaccines as a medical messiah regardless. Even if governors like Newsom are not directly in the pocket of Big Pharma, at the very least they are using the “necessity of a vaccine” argument as a proxy to bring this country to absolute ruin.

Next, in Illinois

Pritzker announced a five-phase plan to reopen Illinois that includes guidance for schools, businesses, and churches that outlines when they will be able to reopen. Gatherings of more than 10 people will be allowed to reopen in phase 3, gatherings of up to 50 people will be allowed in phase 4, and gatherings of more than 50 people will be allowed in phase five.

Pritzker confirmed during a press conference on Wednesday that churches will be held to the same standard and will not be allowed to reopen until phase five.

“You know that in phase three, there can be gatherings, church gatherings, of 10 or fewer. In phase four, 50 or fewer. So that’s the guidance that’s been given to me,” Pritzker said. “I’m not the one providing that guidance. It really is what the scientists and epidemiologists are recommending.”

The state entered phase two on Friday and will enter phase three on May 29 at the earliest, Pritzker said. Phase five can begin when a vaccine or highly effective therapeutic drug is released. A vaccine is estimated to be between 12 and 18 months away.

And here’s where the atheistic and satanic angle comes in. It became obvious what these enemies of God were doing when they prevented churches from opening up on Easter even when these churches would conduct services in their parking lots with congregants remaining in their cars. They want churches shutdown. The evil know that churches will financially collapse if people cannot attend them anymore.

While this is intended as evil, it could certainly bring about some good. Christianity thrives under persecution. And who knows, perhaps a protracted shutdown would ruin the multitude of cucked churches we have in the US. Nevertheless, don’t mistake the good that may come from churches being forced back into home-meetings with the malice of the rulers who are trying to stomp out Christianity.

Also, notice the excuse that Governor Pritzker offers because I never noticed how strong this pattern was until recently. “Science” is the religion of the Left. Pritzker claims that these shutdowns are out of his control because his oracles and priests (scientists) are the authorities telling him what the god of science demands of him. He, as the most powerful man in Illinois, is powerless before the will of the gods and fears them too much to go against their will. So, if science says that churches must remain closed, then that is what they must do. This goes to prove that humans are incapable of living without religion. In the materialistic worldview, according John Lennon, the world was supposed to be free of the burden of religion. That’s impossible. Dear materialists, you may have believed incorrectly that you killed God, but you really just created a false idol in His stead.

I would like to think that these draconian mandates will rile up the populations enough to the point that these governors are forced to recant their unpopular extended quarantines. If, however, these governors remain determined to flex their political muscle and keep their populous in lockdown, whatever meager threat COVID-19 is will be the least of these rulers’ problems.

4 thoughts on “It’s Just Like I Claimed

  1. Mark 16 is the great commission. Jesus is only speaking in regards to the converts of the apostles l, who alone can administer spiritual gifts.

    John 14 doesn’t mention miracles.

    James 9 doesn’t even exist.

    You’re an idiot. If you’re going to hate Christianity because you love masturbating to gay porn, at least read the Bible (which you haven’t) and come up with interesting arguments.


  2. and one more lunatic who has to lie about vaccines. Good to know you ignore your bible and lie constantly, just like it says not to.

    So, since the bible promises that any baptized believer in Christ as savior can heal sickness and disease (Mark 16, John 14, James 9), why can’t any Christian do this? Why do you all get the virus just like everyone else and you get sick and sometimes die, just like everyone else?


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