Ahmed Arbery: The Poor Black Guy Who Was Killed

It’s a been a while since we’ve lost a black life at the hands of a white person. We’ve been overdue for the outrage that will outpour over this national tragedy, which is apparently one of the few things most of the black community will get out of bed for. The wailing and accusations will be all the more intense since the perps are strong southern stereotypes, which of course means they are literally so really really racist.

I’ll let the footage of the massacre speak for itself.

As you can clearly see from the video, these evil white sociopaths tracked down this virtuous black guy and murdered him outright for sport… because he was black. In fact, these evil crackers do this every Wednesday afternoon, because they’re white. Poor Ahmad was just out on a jog, minding his own business, because you know, black guys go on jogs all of the time… in cargo shorts. As this investigation continues, we will certainly learn that Ahmad was a scholar on his way to the university where he was going to cure da cancer.

Leaving the satire behind, this story is remarkably unremarkable. The most astonishing aspect of it is how rare a white on black killing is, especially when you compare it to its opposite. In case you’ve never seen the stats.

Except the stats in the graphic are incomplete, because it doesn’t factor in the size of the black and white populations. Whites constitute about 65% of the US population whereas blacks constitute 10%. So, when you see that blacks kill whites at 3x the rate of the converse… well, I’m sure you can do the math. The stats showing the rates of blacks killing each other would not even fit on this chart.

Was Ahmad Arbery unjustly killed? Probably, according to our laws. Although, I won’t even be remotely surprised to learn as this investigation goes on that Ahmad was the burglar that the McMichaels were looking for. Even though, just as with every one of these fake news black genocide incidents, we will inevitably be told that Ahmad was a good boy who dindu nuffin. But if burglary was the crime, death should not have been the sentence. It cannot be more obvious, however, that the killing was certainly not premeditated and possibly even entirely accidental.

We’ll see how much mileage the woke crowd can get out of this before they lose interst.

And you can always tell who Conservative, Inc. is these type of situations, both present and future members. They’re calling for a National Day of mourning for the black guy.

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