Men: You Shall Not Be Losers

I am going to speculate about the nature of these gruesome murders that took place a few months back in Celebration, FL. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story, a husband and father, named Anthony Todt, appears to have brutally murdered his wife and three children. A detail that is nearly as disturbing as the murders themselves, is that he lived in the house with the bodies for weeks after the massacres took place and slept in the bed where his slain wife and daughter were lying. As a husband and father myself, I literally cannot imagine the sickness of someone who could commit these acts.

After being arrested, Todt claimed that he did not remember the incident taking place and spoke in praise of his family. The amnesia he is claiming could be legitimate as his mind may not simply be able to come to terms with his actions. However, there are usually clues pointing to the “Why” in these interfamilial murders, even when amnesia or psychopathy are ostensibly at play.

“I want you to know a couple of things. That I absolutely loved, honored and obeyed Megan through everything,” said Todt.

“Um because a lot of things will come out, I can’t talk about it right now. Realize that, OK?”

I think also some pictures here will be revealing.

Let’s discuss the photos first. Todt was apparently a low-status male. He is short, fat, not handsome, and appears to have a creeper face. He was also deeply in debt to the tune of $200k. His now deceased wife, on the other hand, was reasonably attractive and lovely. His children also appear to be normal, healthy, and good-looking. We can reasonably assume then that Anthony Todt felt inferior to everyone else in his own household. This is backwards. A man should be the king of his home and it is his responsibility to achieve and maintain that status.

More revealing are the above jailhouse confessions. I become queasy of any man who extols love for his woman under even normal non-homicidal circumstances. It’s not that a strong man cannot deeply love his wife, but if he speaks of her in that way unsolicited, then that is a deep indication that she is in charge, he is lost, and therefore both are unhappy.

However, Todt’s vocabulary takes it further than that by admitting that he “obeyed” his wife in everything. What could he possibly mean by that? This is a true hallmark of disastrous relationship. Even most low-status men who do obey their women in every regard will not admit to being subservient. That Todt is volunteering this information shows how lost he was in life and in his relationship.

The second-line is ambiguous. It is difficult to tell whether Todt means that the details of the murders will come out or if the details of he and his wife’s relationship will come out. I assume the latter. And while we cannot know for sure what was happening I would speculate it was some combination of his wife wanting a divorce, his wife having an affair, or even Todt finding out that one or more of his children were not his own. The fact that he killed the children too makes me suspect the final option.

It is impossible for every man to be high-status, but every man has a prerogative to not be a loser. The domino effect of what happens when a man openly embraces that status can be catastrophic.

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