My Thoughts Of Netflix’s “Waco”

I’m not going to commit myself to an in-depth analysis of the series as that would be too time-consuming. I’m only going to offer some observations. I’m assuming that most of you who are reading this have already seen it. For those of you who haven’t watched the series, Spoiler Alert, obviously. Also, you should see it. I don’t pay for Netflix, as they are pro-baby-killing, but there are plenty of ways to get a free month pass to the platform. I’ll give Netflix credit for doing a good job with this endeavor.

The most-impressive thing that Netflix did was to give the Branch Davidians a fair depiction. In any type of narratival pseudo non-fiction that is based on real events, creators have to take a certain angle. It would have been easy, and stereotypical, for the writers and directors of this episode to depict the Davidians as menacing psychopaths, but they didn’t and that is commendable. It’s commendable because while the Davidians were certainly outside the mainstream with their beliefs and behavior, the creators were still able to accurately depict the cult’s positive aspects as well as their negative ones, and more importantly, were able to display their genuineness.

Then there is the big question: “Is the way Netflix depicted the event accurate?” We can certainly write-off the details as just plain wrong and purposefully fictitious. Much as of that material is inserted for character development and color. But, when it comes to weighing the important veracity of events- namely, the raid, siege, and fire- we are forced to weigh competing narratives between the federal agents, the Davidians, and the media present. The answer as to who is telling the truth we may never know. I do plan on doing more research, so perhaps I’ll venture more down this rabbit hole in the future and let you know what I find.

I’ll tell you where I stand right now, though, and that is Netflix pretty much got it right. No, I don’t think the federal agents in charge were likely as menacing as they were depicted in the series, but if I have learned one thing about our federal government over the past few years it’s that they love to cover up their mistakes. The timing of the series’ release could not be more appropriate, after all, as we are learning that the tog-dogs in the FBI went out of their way to frame Gen. Flynn simply because of his political proximity to Donald Trump.

The official government narrative wants you to believe that the Davidians fired first during the initial raid, even though they had no previous history of violence. Even more difficult to believe, is their assertion that the Davidians started the fire that led to nearly all of them perishing. The final episode does a good job at debunking this particular assertion as there have been numerous cases in the past of the government using tear gas on civilians that lead to fires and death.

In the end, it appears the federal authorities overplayed their hand in the initial raid. Then, doing what governments do best, instead of backing down or admitting that they went about matters the wrong way, they decided to cover up the liability evidence and burn it all to the ground. If you have any doubts about that, remember that they sent tanks to plunge into a housing compound.

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