Yes, Brandi Love. I Think A Muslim Caliphate Would Be Better.

I’ve read a few different observations on how common it is for for former porn industry gals to venture their way over to shilling for conservative causes. I thought about researching it, as it would make an interesting blog post, but I really try to abstain from typing “porn” into my search engine. Perhaps some of these ladies who made this vocational pivot had a legitimate spiritual or cognitive awakening, however, I would suspect their career transition to be more opportunistic in nature.

Then, yesterday I stumbled across an article in my news aggregator that a current porn star, Brandi Love, was writing an article for the otherwise fairly serious conservative media company The Federalist. She probably just freelance’s for them… I don’t really care about the details of her employment. As it turns out, Mrs. Love (Yes, she’s married) is a self-labeled Pro-Trump conservative.

The article she wrote wasn’t poorly written. Love does appear to have solid verbal skills and is obviously able to mimic the Muh Freedom conservative talking points with a fair amount of coherence. The article itself is a defensive response to another conservative article, which begis with:

Every now and then, the modern world produces a trend so ghastly you can’t help but sit back and think, would a global Islamic Caliphate really be that bad?

One such fad is the sudden growth of OnlyFans, a monthly paid subscription content service, which has turned hefty chunks of the young female population into amateur pornographers.

The premise is simple: start an account, set the price, and then drip-feed content to monthly-paying subscribers.

The site doesn’t exclusively host sex workers; home-baking mothers and some fitness and yoga businesses also use the platform to market their services. But its model is similar to that of once-popular social media site Tumblr; once the porn goes, it’s finished.

The platform has around 17.5 million global users and over 70,000 content creators, who have received over $150 million since its launch. The Huffington Post reported that it has enjoyed a 75 percent spike in new users during the COVID-19 shutdown.

And it was this un-American criticism of pornography, OnlyFans in particular, and the author’s pondering the possible improvement of a Muslim caliphate over our liberal democracy, that Brandi Love took issue with.

She begins with the usual defense of anything deplorable, by throwing the catch-all argument of the First-Amendment at it being sure that it will stick.

How does someone call himself a conservative and then dismiss the First Amendment? Regardless of how people feel about adult entertainment, it is clear from U.S. Supreme Court decisions that the modern court believes the Constitution protects expressive conduct, and does not equate nudity and or consensual sex with obscenity.

Interesting point. I wonder if Brandi knows how hard conservatives of a different era fought to make pornography illegal by obscenity laws? I doubt she knows how a certain tribe that was hostile to our Christian interests both lobbied and suppressed studies that provided a solid link between porngraphy, sexual immorality, and violence.

This line of thinking, by the way, is why I’m not a constitutionalist. I like the idea of it, in theory, but in a world where words can be misconstrued to mean whatever the hell people want them to mean, a little piece of paper that guarantees rights doesn’t mean much.

It’s also why I am specifically not a “Free Speech” guy. You can bitch all you want, but that damn amendment has especially been used to justify every evil imaginable, both in the past, and certainly again in the future. Speaking of which:

The First Amendment particularly safeguards expressions that challenge the existing state of affairs. Although obscenity and child pornography receive no First Amendment protection, modern courts have decided that the First Amendment generally protects pornography that does not fall into these categories.

Of course, if Love were more prescient, she would word this paragraph differently. She would instead clarify that the First Amendment does not yet protect child pornography. All you have to know to be certain of this legal trajectory is to look to our past and see how we have progressively relaxed the standards of sexual morality. Then, with the understanding that more is never enough, ask yourself “How would culture push the envelope of sexual immorality even further?” The answer is simple: Sex with children. It’s already happening, of course, but you can be sure that from the eternal law of the First Amendment the godless will attempt to legalize this depravity. And not just child sexual abuse, but also incest and bestiality. That ‘+’ in LBGTQ+ will become clearly defined and protected in the next decade or two if evil has its way with a P, I, and B on the end.

Love then wants to signal that she a real conservative:

I am both a conservative and a Christian. I am not, however, a zealot. I have travelled all over the United States meeting fans for more than 15 years. There are millions. My fan base is now, and has always been, what I like to refer to as Sex, Drink, and Rock ‘n Roll conservatives.

My members are a direct reflection of me: Constitutional, red state, Second Amendment-supporting pro-lifers who support our troops and our rights to free speech. We love God and our flag but generally dislike organized religion. We like to hang out on the deck drinking a beer, talking sports, listening to country, rock, and rap while using colorful words to describe Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Anthony Fauci.

So when a conservative publication runs an article wishing for an Islamic caliphate because of OnlyFans and its people, it’s a slap in the face to this significant segment of population that votes Republican. It pushes us further away from Christian political conservatism. It backfires, just as it does every time the left tries to manipulate the facts to sack President Trump

It would take me days to address everything that is wrong with what Love’s caricature of Christianity, Conservatism, current events, and Islam. I don’t have that type of time on my hands. I’ll just state the following. While I cannot abandon the term ‘Christian,’ which she bastardizes, this type of association is why I openly reject the label of ‘Conservative.’ Conservatism is ultimately about losing the culture war and that has always been its primary mission. Conservatism is approved opposition. If you have any qualms with that assessment, please note that a famous porn star is claiming that she is a conservative. If a porn star can be a ‘conservative,’ who would be considered a ‘progressive,’ I might ask?

Then, regarding OnlyFans itself:

For me, OnlyFans has been an answered prayer. At a time our real estate business has been decimated due to the shutdown, we will likely survive the losses because of OnlyFans. We won’t make profits this year, but we will not be forced into foreclosure.

We are still working six days a week, 10-14 hours a day because of OnlyFans.

Oh, good. I’m glad we finally get a rock-solid argument. Porn is good because it helps pay the bills. I’m sure that thieves, hitmen, and opioid peddlers would never make that exact same argument to justify their profession.

OnlyFans is a small sample of a world, where the beautiful, natural impulses of affection and a need to connect can continue when physical intimacy isn’t possible. When this shutdown ends, I will return to meeting my fans in person. I will be shaking hands and giving hugs. And for those people and times when physical meetings are impossible, I’m thankful there will always be OnlyFans.

Yes, and why is it that the people who subscribe to your OnlyFans need someone to connect to during the coronavirus quarantine? Why do they not have people they can connect with, sexually or otherwise, living within their own house? Oh, that’s right, it’s largely because of the soul-crushing destruction that pornography causes particularly on interpersonal relationships. So, in Love’s mind, in order to justify to her lifestyle, pornography is the antidote to all of the maladies that porn itself causes.

In conclusion, to return to the question of whether we would be better of living in a Muslim caliphate than a liberal democracy, I would argue for the former, as long as our political governance was under Anglo-Saxon rule. For those of you who think that is the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard, you simply do not understand the anti-Logos and outright Satanic nature of liberal modernity. Islam will permit Christianity, even if Muslims will persecute it. Modernity, on the other hand, as demonstrated above, seeks only to subvert and destroy Christ.

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