U.S.A. Women’s Soccer Equality Fail

This whole episode has been a hilarious failure. Justly, this shenanigan lawsuit led by Megan Rapinoe will almost surely lead to a long-term decline in revenue for the women’s team who wanted to be paid as much as their US Men’s counterparts. After all, a huge avenue of income are father’s taking their daughters to watch these women play, which will be something these fathers will be less likely to do, now that the women have played their hand as cultural marxists.

But, it gets much worse, and funnier for the women’s team. As it turns out, they didn’t even sue the right people. The team sued US Soccer program, which already pays the women more than the men. The pay disparity comes from FIFA, who they did not sue and is a result of the giant disparity in television viewership between the two programs.

Equality is retarded and it is not the fault of FIFA or the general public that women’s sports are boring in general and far less entertaining than their male versions.

To show just how much a real world talent difference there is between men and women, consider only the fact that this same litigious women’s team lost to U-15 boy’s soccer team. “U-15” stands for under 15. This means the oldest player on the team was a high school sophomore.

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