Women In The Workplace

I’m not saying that woman should not be allowed to work, but our society would be far better off if 90% of the current female workforce were laid off overnight. Women have been reducing the real wages of the male workforce since their mass entrance back in the 60’s & 70’s. They are also not not ideally suited for long hours and the heavy level of competition, which typically causes the typical careerist woman to pill-up by the age of thirty just in order to cope.

But, woman have also proven to be not only a distraction, but a liability.

A promising young mechanic at a Honda dealership in Indiana was fired from her job after management learned she was making amateur porn outside of work using the platform OnlyFans.

Kirsten Vaughn, 24, told BuzzFeed News she was on track to become the first woman master technician at Don Ayres Honda dealership in Fort Wayne when she was abruptly let go from her job after colleagues discovered her account on OnlyFans, a social media site where people can pay to subscribe to private content and which is commonly used for adult material.

Vaughn said that after she mentioned her account in her Instagram stories coworkers began watching her videos together at the workplace and then sexually harassing her. But instead of punishing her colleagues, she said management blamed her for making the OnlyFans account.

This marks the first time I’ve ever heard any mechanic described as “Promising.” But hey, this is BuzzFeed and it’s a female mechanic.

Woman were told they would all grow up to be warrior princesses, but once they become adults they can only aspire to become whores. Many woman work part or full-time as Cam girls, something the unemployment boom due to Corona-Chan has only increased the likelihood of. What is remarkable is that less than ten years ago pornography and prostitution were viewed as professions that degraded women. Now, since it is a lucrative gig in the short-term and the average women realizes at the age of twenty-two that she will never become a TV star, the sex business has become “Empowering.” So empowering, in fact, that it needs to be legalized and regulated.

This story is likely a sign of issues to come for the employers of women. Woman will engage in porn to subsidize their income, promote it on social media, but then expect there to be no workplace repercussions when their co-workers inevitably find out they moonlight as a Cam Girl. They not only expect there to be no workplace consequences, but still expect the full protection of the law against any type of sexual harassment.

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