My Daughter Has Finally Arrived!

Momma and I were becoming a bit nervous over the past week anticipating the arrival of our daughter, Esmerelda. Anyone who has been an expectant parent knows the feeling. On one hand, you are super excited to meet your child who has been living with you quietly for the past several months. On the other hand, you are a bit anxious that the delivery will go well and that momma and baby will both be healthy and happy when baby makes her move.

Our anxiousness was a bit higher because we were up against a deadline of sorts. The baby was almost two weeks past her due date when she came. Since we had chosen since conception of doing an all-natural home birth and since our midwife service only allows natural home births up to two weeks after the due date, we knew baby would have to come out or we would have to make last second plans with a hospital birth, something we were loathe to do for a number of reasons.

But, baby came just in time with a whole day to spare. She weighs 9 lbs 8 oz! And despite baby being late and this being my wife’s first time doing a natural birth (We have a two-year old so who was born at a hospital) AND my daughter’s huge size… the labor could not have gone smoother or with less-effort. My wife was a champ and was only in labor for about an hour. It appears all of the contractions that she’s been having over the past few weeks were preparing her body for a fast and healthy experience.

Here’s a video I took immediately after Esme was born.

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