Scaring People Works

I have been energized over the past few weeks doing research about all things Coronavirus to find so many inquiring minds on the internet who are coming to the same conclusions that I have. The virus is real, but not particularly dangerous. It is highly infectious, but not that lethal. The MSM is creating hysteria because Big Pharma wants the public to buy their vaccine. The leftists are creating hysteria because they want the economy to tank and institute a socialism regime. I have discussed all of these matters and have been blessed by finding several people who share these speculations around the internet. However, sometimes when we take the time to form deliberate opinions about difficult subjects, we assume that everyone else is both making the same effort and coming to the same conclusions.

Yesterday, I was reminded that this is usually not the case and that I give normies way too much credit.

The findings, taken from 4,429 American adults between April 15 and 21, show that most Americans are likely to avoid public sports and arts events until a Covid-19 vaccine has been created. With estimates for a vaccine at around 12-18 months, this news could be devastating for those industries.

The picture is clearer – and no more encouraging – when looked at by sector. Just 17 percent said they would attend professional sporting events when they reopen, with 26 percent preferring to wait for a vaccine. These figures jump to 42 percent and 39 percent for those who have been to a professional sporting event in the past year. The remaining respondents either said they “don’t know” or “will never go.” What’s more, 59 percent agreed that major sporting leagues should hold events behind closed doors until a vaccine is found, with just 33 percent disagreeing.

While I would consider myself a fan of professional sports, specifically the NFL, it is not particularly troublesome to me that people will not be attending these events. What bothers me is the reason why they are afraid to attend these events. To further show how much people do not really use their brains, you have to look only at the last line of the quote above. It appears to not even occur to normies that sports leagues nor musicians would ever be able to sustain themselves financially without the revenue of fans paying for the live show.

If people are true to their intentions and this is how we can expect most people to behave, then our economy may never recover. Despite our order-in delivery economy taking off over the past decade, the economy as a whole still very much depends on people leaving their houses and going out into public. Travel, tourism, restaurant, bars, entertainment, and sports are huge sectors of our service economy. They also disproportionately happen to employ young people, which will create more problems in our future if people are not supporting these industries.

On the other hand, I remind myself that people are often not true to their intentions whenever they respond in polls. In spite of what people think they will act like in the future, right now we are simply in the midst of the hysteria and they will likely change their minds after everything calms down.

Most bothersome of all, however, is the “cure” that people are waiting for: a vaccine. It is nearly incomprehensible to me that people genuinely believe that they will be saved by sticking themselves with needles. It never occurs them who profits from this agreement. It never occurs to them the damage they may be doing themselves by injecting themselves with toxins. It is almost certainly unknown to the masses- half of whom think abortion is immoral- that vaccines contain tissue grown from the cells of murdered babies. At this juncture in time, it appears that Big Pharma’s investment in creating mass hysteria will pay off. Create a scare about a disease and then charge to take away people’s mental anguish that you instilled in them.

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