Growing Unrest Against Mandated Stay-At-Home Orders

Yesterday, all across my Twitter feed were signs that Americans (and Canadians) are fed up with quarantine.

The first sign was in California.

Thousands of people in Southern California swarmed the beaches Friday to cool off from springtime heat amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Temperatures in the region have soared heading into the weekend, nearly reaching 100 degrees in some parts of Los Angeles County, but beaches there and in San Diego County are still closed due to stay-at-home orders.

But that didn’t stop an estimated 40,000 people from heading out to Newport Beach in nearby Orange County on Friday, where the coastline has largely remained open to the public, FOX 11 of Los Angeles reported.

Next, there were protests in the parks of Toronto.

And lastly, at the capital in Madison, WI.

Thousands of protesters descended on the Wisconsin State Capitol on Friday as they called for coronavirus restrictions implemented by Gov. Tony Evers (D) to be lifted.

Photos of the massive demonstration show protesters packed on the capitol’s steps, breaking social distancing guidelines as they crammed into the area standing shoulder to shoulder. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that protesters cheered “USA” and circulated petitions to recall Evers. Protesters also reportedly held signs reading “All Workers, Are Essential” and “Death…. is preferable to communism.”

Some also carried American flags and assault-style rifles.

While it is apparent that most people in these protests are more concerned about their jobs and civil liberties than perhaps understanding the real underlying motives of why we have been in lockdown, even Joe Six-Pack intuitively understands a hoax of this magnitude when it is thrust upon him and his family. And by hoax I do not mean that the virus is fake, but rather that is has been used as ploy for Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Brother, and most significantly, to trigger a recession to ruin Trump.

If I were a politician, I would be trying to break my constituents out of quarantine as fast as possible. The tide of public opinion is quickly turning against it. That being said, on a more anecdotal level, there are still plenty of insecure people that I witness out in public everyday who are convinced that the black plague is upon us. They are geared up in masks and gloves and viscerally cringe if you are within six feet of them. I even had two potential customers for my place of business call in advance yesterday to make sure that we were wearing face masks in gloves. These serial phobics made it clear they would only use our business if we were utilizing all of these proper precautions. Their sex life at home is thrilling, I’m sure. So in conclusion, the situation on the ground has become hyper-polarized like many matters. There is a large and growing number of people who are fed up with the BS and want to move past the lockdowns, while there is another small but very vocal group of people who want to stay in quarantine, screech about how dangerous the world is, and virtue signal with all of the proper precautions out in public. Let’s hope the latter group does not shape public policy.

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