Tara Reade’s Mom Call To Larry King Regarding Alleged Sexual Assault

Let me very clear from the outset: I am dubious of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Creepy Joe Biden. That is not to say that the alleged sexual assault didn’t happen. After all, I call Creepy Joe, “Creepy Joe,” for a reason. He certainly fits the bill of someone who would do something like Tara Reade accused him of. For what it’s worth though, the main reason I doubt that the sexual assault occurred is that that the newer hand up the skirt story is far different from the story she originally told the press last year. Reade only mentioned the sexual assault details when the “Rubbing her shoulders” story got zero traction.

Now that we have that out of the way, allow me to be even more emphatic. Just like I asserted when Trump had a million women come forward alleging similar accusations decades after the events occurred, and just like with the famed Brett Kavanaugh debacle, I don’t think Joe Biden should face any criminal or civil liabilities for this case.

In fact, if you allow me a long tangent, these delayed sexual misconduct allegations expose egalitarian feminism for the lie that it has always been. One one hand, “Women are equal with men,” we are told, and “Anything a man can do, a woman can do, too.” Without detailing the multi-faceted falsehoods of this clear lie, let us hone in our attention of how this specifically pertains to delayed accusations in sexual assault cases. Because on the other hand, we are told in order to justify these sexual misconduct allegations coming out years after the fact, “Well, it’s really shameful for a woman to admit she’s been sexually assaulted,” and “These women fear the repercussions of coming forward,” and lastly, “We can’t always expect women to come forward immediately due to the immense trauma they suffered.” These latter statements I do believe to be true. It is shameful for a woman to have to admit she was sexually taken advantage of. There are also some very legitimate fears of coming forward to accuse the perpetrator. If you are accusing a very powerful and perhaps sinister individual, you could be risking not only your career, but possibly also your physical safety. And yes, I think the trauma of sexual assault also has an extremely disorienting effect on women to where we cannot expect them to behave rationally.

Though, here’s the incongruity that proves feminism’s lie: We would never accept a man who delayed reporting a crime because of shame or fear or trauma. If a man failed to come forward to report a murder out of some fear, we call that man a coward. Why? Because he allowed his community to be at risk with a murderer on the loose, so that he, the witness, could remain safe. Meanwhile, the murderer remains at large and any type of physical evidence that could corroborate the witness’s allegation disappear in short time.

The same goes with delayed sexual assault cases, which are by their nature very difficult to prove to begin with, even when they are immediately reported. All physical evidence is gone and all witnesses who may be able to remember some details about the day of the event or have some relevant memories about what took place, well, that’s all faded down the rabbit hole of lost time. We sometimes tolerate the delays in reporting (other times not), because at the end of the day, we know that women are different from men. In woke culture, women are equal with men when it is to women’s advantage, but they different than men when it is too women’s advantage. There’s certainly another tangent here about the idiotic inconsistencies with the gender theory spectrum, but I’ll save that for a different post.

Another huge problem with sexual assault cases in general, and the cases that were delayed in reporting specifically, is the very real scenario that women can lob all sorts of allegations at a man that can range on the truthfulness scale from “Slight exaggeration of events,” to “Liar, Liar, Pinochio’s pants are on fire.” Opportunistic women, who might be tempted by the potential for media spotlight, fawning attention, overwhelming sympathy, and lucrative out of court civil settlements, are often tempted to come forward to accuse powerful men of impropriety, even if it never occurred. There have been dozen of well-documented cases of these type false rape accusations occurring.

Hence, our dilemma. On one hand, all of us really do want to believe women and agree there are a number of legitimate reasons that a specific woman would not immediately come forward to accuse her assaulter. On the other hand, women in general, who are heavily prone to narcissistic opportunism, are known to lie in these types of circumstances for a number of ulterior motives.

If this all sounds like an impossible riddle to solve, that’s because it is. That is, unless you believe like I do, that women are not “Equal” to men. Women do not belong in the workforce and should never be alone with men who are not their father, brothers, or husband. Women are meant to be loved and protected. If we lived in a more traditional society that recognized these obvious truths about the genders, well, we wouldn’t have to face any aspect of the above mentioned conundrum.

Okay, after the longest introduction and tangent imaginable, back to Creepy Joe.

Some new evidence surfaced regarding Tara Reade. While it certainly doesn’t prove anything inappropriate occurred between Joe Biden and her, the situation certainly does not look good for Biden. And at least as far as there being any truth to Reade’s claim, it goes a long way in showing that she is not a late-stage opportunist.

As it says in the Tweet, this phone call is allegedly Tara Reade’s mother calling into Larry King on the same month that Reade left her position as a staffer for Joe Biden.

Two obvi’s to point out. We do not know that this is actually Reade’s mother, but it likely is. Also, the caller noticeably does not mention any specifics on who this accusation is regarding nor what took place.

Skipping over the analysis for the above listed reasons, let’s focus on what matters.

How will the Fake News Press and the DNC respond to such a strong validation of Tara Reade’s accusation that something inappropriate took place? After all, all women who make these allegations are to be believed according to Joe Biden. The media has been saying the same thing for years. Every woman to the political left of Susan Collins has pontificated about how it is barbaric to not take a woman at her word about every (changing) detail of her alleged assault, as if women are incapable of dishonesty. What will they do with this, then? If the media’s failure to cover Tara Reade’s story thus far is any indication, not a whole lot. Joe Biden, more specifically his handlers, are very determined to fight this. And when the elites do not want their candidate to be prosecuted, then he will not be prosecuted and neither will he step down. This will be ignored.

While the Tara Reade controversy will not seriously hamper Joe Biden’s Presidential aspirations, it will have a negative effect. The country has become more polarized politically, but there are still plenty of moderates in the middle who have yet to pick a candidate. I will not claim that people always abhor hypocrisy that has become the hallmark of the woke Democrat Party, but this will certainly prove to a number of swing voters that the Dems don’t really give a shit about what they claim to give a shit about. And political impotency is about the one unforgivable character trait that Americans will no longer tolerate in their candidates.

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