Michael Moore Attacks Green Energy In His Next Documentary

I don’t know that I have ever said a nice word about Michael Moore before. In truth, I do not know a whole bunch about his body of work and have never seen any of his documentaries. And It’s not that I am not opposed to exposing myself to material that I might disagree with. I am simply more of a book kind of guy and Moore’s movies just never appealed to me enough to pay to watch any of them.

In fact, I am not even sure how much I would oppose the message of Moore’s major films. I doubt I would agree with Bowling For Columbine, which is almost certainly anti-gun propaganda, but as for the criticisms against capitalism, big-business, and unnecessary invasive imperialistic wars, those are all up my alley. Hell, while I have my criticisms of socialized medicine, I am even open to hearing arguments that support it after watching how the profit motive in pharmaceuticals effectively shut down the American economy to foment fear for Corona-chan.

Upon reflection, my major aversion to Michael Moore is two-fold:

  1. He is really fat and disgusting. Say what you want about this, but I have never found a person who carries himself like Moore who has a character worthy of respect.
  2. He hates Trump, has been very out-spoken about this fact, and has taken the NPC response to the whole Trump phenomenon. I don’t expect everyone to like Trump or agree with his policies, but I have a problem with major outside political commentators like Moore parroting CNN headlines. It’s gay and derivative.

The second point has made me suspect that he is a mouthpiece for the progressive establishment, and perhaps he is one, but then it would surprise me that much more that he is attacking one of the central tenets of their movement: Green Energy.

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is promoting a new documentary he executive produced about the environment — Planet of the Humans — and many of his usual supporters are going nuts.

What can the veteran left-wing activist possibly have done to earn such disapproval?

Simple. Moore has backed the most powerful, brutally honest and important documentary of his career. It’s also by far his bravest because it not only confronts the modern left’s greatest shibboleth — “clean” energy — but it does indeed offer a great deal of succour to Moore’s avowed enemy President Donald Trump.

It might even help Trump clinch the next presidential election for it undermines the entire basis of the Green New Deal being pushed in one form or another by his opponents. Renewable energy, the documentary makes abundantly clear, is not the solution to the problem — but an even bigger problem than the one it is supposedly solving.

Of course, anyone who has researched the green movement already knows this. Germany’s effort several years back to institute green energy was a massive and well-documented failure. It requires a simpleton to not contemplate that an electric car is pointless when it is charged by a fossil fuel power plant. And world-famous retard Greta Thunberg seems to already be leaving the scene after the multitudes pointed out that trouncing around the world on airplanes so that she could talk about the evils of global warming was a bit hypocritical. Nevertheless, the Millennial demographic, which is the largest generational cohort in the West, remains a horde of Gaia-worshipping hippies.

What is significant about Moore doing this documentary, particularly in an election year, is that it is unusual in our highly partisan environment. Around 2012, a political divide that already existed became noticeably less amicable and with the election of Trump in 2016, this same political divide has become fiercely entrenched. The Left/Right divide have almost no friendly intercourse, there are no faux olive-branches offered, and switching sides is viewed as apostasy. This has created an environment where Overton Windows no longer overlap, and as a result, healthy dialectic becomes impossible.

But here is where Moore’s influence becomes all the more important. While the lil gay green hippies would never listen to me tell them about the futility of environmentalism, they just might listen to one of their own. It will be interesting to see how the Left reacts to one of their leaders being critical of one of their central platform pieces.

Despite what many on the Right believe, I think environmentalism and green energy are a big deal in elections. I’ve met more than a few people who could be open to switching sides if they didn’t believe the world was ending due to climate change. They could care less about any form of marxism or shutting down the border. They just want to save the world.

Hopefully, if lil lefties watch this doc, they not only question the veracity of climate change, but also question the rest of their indoctrination as well.

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