The Weeping Media Personas

For a number of reasons, the recent round of protests in response to the government mandated lockdowns are a major frustration to the fear-mongering media complex. For one, these groups seem to consist of people on the Right, who as a cohort almost never protest outside of the annual pro-life rally. As protesting is predominantly a Leftist activity that the media loves to support, it has little precedent on how to react to protesting from people it despises. Secondly, the media cannot grasp the concept that people would trust their own eyes, ears, and powers of reasoning regarding the coronavirus in direct defiance to the message of despair that they, the media, have been dumping on the public for the past two-months. In the MSM hive-mind, which believes its the pinnacle of the authority on approved truth dissemination, it cannot fathom when people brazenly oppose the narrative that they are peddling.

Hence, there is a great deal of frustration when these personalities see people wanting to return to work. And when Joe Six-Pack refuses to listen to your very “reasonable” admonitions to stay confined to his house and to sacrifice his livelihood for the greater good, well, then you have to resort to irrational shaming.

I give you Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television.

Now, before we even begin to break down his argument, let us note the person Captain gay-face is ranting to. That would be Chris Cuomo, who was in the headlines just this past week for breaking quarantine while allegedly being infected with the Coronavirus. Now, this infection was almost certainly a lie to increase CNN’s terribly low viewership ratings, but it was canonical according to CNN’s narrative, so we’ll hold them to it. Don Lemon is therefore ranting about people breaking quarantine to a man who notoriously broke quarantine so that he could vacation at his place in the Hamptons.

Back to the rant. Lemon’s first point is that the protestors are slapping the faces of front-line workers who are putting their lives at risk in the fight against this virus. And while he certainly includes grocery store cashiers and bus-drivers, he primarily means the hospital staffs who are treating sick COVID patients. I would simply point out that these hospital staffers, who are allegedly exposed to this flesh-eating virus everyday, have been counter-protesting these anti-lockdown assemblies. Let’s think about that logically, for a moment. First of all, these front-line counter-protesters are breaking quarantine to tell other people to get back into quarantine. So, quarantine for thee, but not for me. Secondly, if anyone should be quarantining on their days off, should it not be the people ostensibly exposed to this bubonic plague at their jobs? Are they not the ones who are to be the most likely carriers? The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming. No, Lemon boy, I would say these front-line workers are not seriously at risk and they, more than anyone else, already know it. As for the specific losers amongst the medical staff who are showing up to counter-protest, they simply love to virtue-signal.

Next, Lemon briefly brings up the fact that protestors are armed. But since he really doesn’t know how to make a point of it, he moves on, and so we’ll we.

In his fumbling to make a point, Lemon stumbles around and wants to accuse the lockdown protestors of being closed off to what others in the country protest about, namely blacks in the NFL who kneel to protest the vague inequality in the United States despite the fact that they all attended college for free and are currently multi-millionaire celebrities. So Lemon’s most vehement argument against the protest is not that it’s dangerous, but rather that it is hypocritical. In his mind, which is weak to be sure, it is sound logic to compare struggling individuals who are protesting to save their jobs and livelihood to another group of spoiled brats, who are protesting about ill-defined inequality while at work at their extremely lucrative jobs.

I’m sure the lockdown protestors will jump to address this blatant hypocrisy within their moral reasoning. Come NFL season, these lockdown protestors will be sure to not denigrate the NFL players who take a knee. The only problem is that at this rate, these lockdown protestors will not only be unable to afford tickets to any NFL games, but they’ll have to sell their televisions to buy food. At this rate, they won’t have the luxury of watching sports in the fall.

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