Further Proof The Coronavirus Is About Creating Mass Hysteria

Yet further information has been discovered that confirms my suspicions that the Coronavirus pandemic appears to more of psy-op than a legitimate threat to public health.

The early results from L.A. County come three days after Stanford researchers reported that the coronavirus appears to have circulated much more widely in Santa Clara County than previously thought.

Though the county had reported roughly 1,000 cases in early April, the Stanford researchers estimate the actual number was 48,000 to 81,000.

The mortality rate is based on the number of confirmed infections; the higher the number of infections, the lower the fatality rate. Both studies estimated a mortality rate of 0.1% to 0.2%, which is closer to the death rate associated with the seasonal flu.

Dr. Warner Greene, a virologist with Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco, said that research out of Wuhan, China — where the virus is believed to have originated — found that the number of infections was likely 2.5 times higher than originally known. The studies in Los Angeles and Santa Clara, by contrast, said the true case counts were between 28 and 85 times greater than official reports.

Of course, even within the article itself are all of the usual mantras to the public that this virus still needs to be taken seriously. I mean, sure, the economy is wrecked and healthy citizens are being arrested for leaving their house in pursuit of some fresh air… but you, Joe and Jill Normie, should still be concerned about this virus even with the meta-studies all seem to confirm that it has a death-rate no higher than the flu!

With this type of information coming to the surface it is remarkable that we are still in lockdown mode. The antibody tests clearly indicate what we have already known from doctor’s offices around the country reporting massively higher rates of cold & flu cases before the Coronavirus hysteria began. At the time, the medical community did not know what those higher rates meant, but in hindsight, they were almost certainly undiagnosed COVID-19 cases.

By the way, it’s not as if all of this information, particularly the low death rate, is not already known by the media. You have journalists in the White House press corps caught on camera specifically citing this study.

Yet, we all know that the mainstream media is not going to report this data to assuage the minds of concerned citizens nor to try to sway the public opinion back in the direction of “Hey, it looks like we overreacted.” No, the media receives $5 billion annually in Big Pharma advertising revenue. Big Pharma wants to create as much noise as possible about this sissy virus so that they can make plenty of money off the vaccine whenever it becomes available. If any event could push me over the edge in favor of nationalized healthcare, it will be Corona-chan. The oligarchs in our country are actively pushing hysteria so that they can drive up demand for a cure and thereby charge whatever the hell they want to for it.

And even more proof is surfacing that this was the plan from the beginning. It turns out the CDC ruined their original original testing kits by tainting the tests with the coronavirus itself. This made the tests uninterpretable and they lost about a months worth of data while they hurried to develop new tests. The CDC has every nominal motive on Earth for unleashing a virus on the American public. The CDC foundation, which helps fund the CDC itself, has as its list of donors a litany of pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, there is well-known conflict of interest case where a recent CDC director, Brenda Fitzgerald, was found to not only own shares of pharmaceutical companies when she began her role, but also purchased more shares after she began her role as Director. And this is almost certainly not a one-time affair. After all, it seems the main reason why Fitzgerald was even investigated had nothing to do with her specific case, but rather that her corruption could be used to tarnish President Trump. We could reasonably assume that all employees at the CDC have such financial ties to Big Pharma.

It looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck. Everything about this shutdown points towards the powerful creating a panic. There does not have to be a meta-motivation that aligns everyone who is complicit in perpetuating this drama. For the CDC, Big Pharma, and Bill Gates, it could be profit driven. For the lockdown happy Democrats the motivation seems to rather be economic destruction to discredit the appeal of Trump. Only the FakeNews media have both motivations urging them on in pushing this lie.

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