Halting All Immigration

Finally, Donald Trump and the Right is seeing the Coronavirus crisis as opportunistically as the Left has been doing.

President Trump on Monday said he will sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic, an extraordinary move that prompted immediate questions about its timing and scope.

As almost 30 million people have lost their jobs in the past month, the American worker is finally receiving protection from the 1 million immigrants that enter the United States annually. This 1 million annual total does not include, of course, either the number of immigrants who enter the US illegally, which is approximately the same amount, nor the children of such immigrants, which are many million more. This massive influx of people into the American economy over the past several decades has been the leading cause in the devaluation of American real wages that have not risen since 1971. There has simply been too much unnecessary supply in the labor market for the demand to cause a substantial increase in pay.

The economic devastation that immigration has wrought has only reflected the demographic changes that have accompanied them. The United States used to be a safe, hight-trust society, but has now been infiltrated by the third-worlders who do not speak our language, share our values, or engage in our traditions. The result has been the alienation of the American within their own country. The system has turned against them as even the state funded educational system and media propaganda machine work to slander their identity and heritage. All of this movement has been manifest empirically as the American political parties have been on a steady march Left over the past several decades adjusting to these demographic changes, which the politicians themselves orchestrated.

Donald Trump vowed to bring an end to this assault and rumors are that he has been constructing the promised Wall in a clandestine manner throughout this crisis. This executive order, even if it does not come into fruition, reflects a willingness to bring the single greatest domestic issue in American politics to the forefront. At a time when the assumed evil of globalism is at an all-time high this order is an excellent tactical move. Use the crisis to further the agenda that actually matters in the long-term. When China hands you lemons, you might as well make some lemonade.

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