The Elites Want You Peasants To Know They Are Doing Just Fine

My sharper instincts are certainly telling me that the elites are wanting the coronavirus quarantine to continue for nefarious reasons and these are easy to list off. They want to ruin the economy to ruin Trump. They have connections to Big Pharma and want the Normies scared so that the when their lucrative vaccine is brought forth, it is purchased in earnest. It might even be simply megolomania, where our aristocracy enjoys reminding themselves that they can make their subjects live in cages anytime they want to.

And while in my heart of hearts I believe it is some combination of those three motives as well as a mixture of other motives that I know not, there is another side of me, the more compassionate side of me, that believes the elites want the quarantine to continue because it does not really affect them at all. They don’t mind it. The rich are so comfortable, their jobs so secure, their wealth so intact, that they don’t mind the lockdown. After all, they have the space to frolic around in their mansions, so they don’t feel couped up. Perhaps, their willingness to quarantine isn’t due to the conspiracy theories that I listed above, but is rather about the class disconnect in our country, where our rulers are out of touch with the way the rest of us live.

There have been numerous illustrations of this since this crisis began, but two particularly illustrative examples surfaced this week.

The first was with Nancy Pelosi.

In case the tweet is taken down, it’s a video of Pelosi showing off her $24,000 refrigerator full of $12 a pint ice cream, which she notes was just recently restocked for Easter. Apparently, according to Nancy herself, this is what her diet mostly consists of. I find that not hard to believe at all. Juxtapose the comfy life of the Pelosi’s to her constituents in the San Francisco Bay area.

The other illustration occurred last night. King-Cuck-Beta-Frodo, also known by his stage name, Patton Oswalt, offered up this observation to the proletariat across several states who were protesting the quarantine.

This was meant as a witty remark to provide a chuckle to his/her fellow wealthy brethren/sisteren who have barely noticed even being in lockdown. It is indicative of what exactly Patton has been doing during this shutdown, which is really not that different from what the masses have been doing either, except the masses have been forced to cancel Netflix, can’t afford food delivery, and stopped buying video games due to certain restrictions in their budgets. So, there are those subtle differences, I suppose.

These types of broadcasts, especially amongst a demographic that loves to signal how virtuous they are, demonstrate a huge disconnect between them and the greater public. It is a disconnect that becomes apparent every time a Hollywood acolyte or snouty SJW politician tells us how things should be. We would respect them so much more if they had any self-awareness, but they seem to lack that trait in any meaningful quantity.

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