Bill And Melinda Gates: Evil Is Being Exposed

Bill and Melinda Gates, who are so desperate to stick the world with needles, are whining about against Donald Trump’s decision to defund the corrupt World Health Organization. Chief Satanist Bill was crying this morning:

‘This is a global problem. They are the institution that brings nations together and make sure that we are sharing best practices between all of those countries,’ he added.

Little does nerdy Billy understand that most Americans are long past their optimism of nations working together for the Americans good. Even if working together were the best strategy to defeat the threat of pandemic, which it isn’t, we know all to well the unforeseen baggage will be much worse than the solution.

More specifically and diabolically, the Gates want to protect their most precious investment, which is a vaccine that they can push onto the world. In order to accomplish this remarkable tyranny they need to convince the world that despite all of the empirical evidence to the contrary, this coronavirus problem is not going away… basically forever. The economy should not reopen and you can just kiss goodbye all of your summer plans. According to Billionaire Bill, this horrendous virus that kills only .1% of people that it infects needs to fundamentally change how the whole world operates. The whole leftist media & celebrity propaganda machine seems to be in on utilizing the scare tactics so you know for sure that this problem, even though it has not affected you or anyone that you know… yeah, it’s still really bad so you should be very very scared.

Please observe that this never shake hands again bullshit is straight from the mouth of Dr. Fauci, who works at the National Institute Of Health, an organization who the Gates Foundation is a massive donor to.

In addition to driving up the acceptability of imposing their lucrative vaccine on the masses, the Gates want to make sure their vaccine is secure from financial harm. In order to this, they want to protect their vaccine from lawsuits in case, you know, their mandatory vaccine happens to kill your child. This is not a new concept at all, as vaccines are already protected from lawsuit. If the fact that vaccines are protected from indemnification sounds strange to you, it should, as literally every other type of medicinal manufacturer can be sued.

I’m optimistic that none of these maneuverings by the Gates are going to come to fruition. There is simply to much media exposure tying the Gates to Big Pharma and the hefty profits that await them if they can mandate a needle. Resist this.

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