The Tide Is Turning

Nobody wants to make the tough decisions. Everyone wants to keep things nice and safe. But the evidence to open the economy back up is coming a bit too strong for anyone to ignore.

As Trump aptly warned, the cure has become worse than the disease in a manner that our politicians are only capable of. And since we are a country that is largely ruled by women, who are much more naturally inclined to preserve life from short-term danger than from long-term repercussions, the fact that we are still in lock-down is largely the result of that feminine bias. But still, people have had enough of it and are ready to return to work.

A novel reason for why the population is becoming more restless concerning quarantine is that we are beginning to suspect that many more have been infected by COVID-19 than originally supposed. Perhaps, the truly devastating aspect of this virus is something that we have known for quite some time and that is its high-level of infectiousness, not its typical severity with most individuals. Logically, we could then conclude that while this virus has been sweeping the nation over the past month the damage is soon to be quickly in the rearview. New evidence is confirming this theory daily, including a study that finds the Coronavirus death rate might be as low as .1%!

An even more interesting study that has come out of Israel claims that quarantines accomplish nothing. The study examines metadata from different countries around the world and argues that the infection rate follows the same trend regardless of whether a country shuts down en masse or takes a more laissez faire approach. The infection rate will rise sharply for four weeks, then peak around week 6, and be effectually finished symptomatically from the population around week 8.

All of the evidence points to reopening, Mr. President. The democrats are going to hate you no matter what you say or do, so you might as well do the rational thing and allow the country to reopen. The media is going to lie about you regardless, as you proved to world yesterday. In case you missed it, at his daily coronavirus press conference, Trump showed the press corps their own hypocritical coverage of the coronavirus, at which they claimed they were being shown propaganda or a Trump campaign commercial. They had little idea how right they were. Here it is in case you missed it.

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