The Fear-mongers Want This Crisis To Last Forever

I’m not sure what to make of all of the viral videos of hospital staff doing choreographed dances in the midst of this alleged pandemic. In case you don’t know what I am talking about, here are some examples.

The obvious incongruent aspect is that in the midst of an ostensible terrible pandemic, our front-line workers have not only the resources, but also the free time to make videos, which in some cases (there are many of these videos) have quite a bit of planning going into them. So, despite all of the drama girls crying about how terrible the conditions are in the hospitals, or where even dumbass celebrities like Cardi B are doing the crying for them, something appears to be a bit off in what is being told to us.

Some observations about the videos. There is a huge discrepancy between the male and female staff at hospitals in their respective social-sexual statuses. While scrubs are not flattering for either gender, they are particularly heinous to skinny-fat men. More importantly, despite how they are portrayed in their various fictional roles on television, the hot doctor is a unicorn whereas the hot nurse is fairly standard. There is such an apparent dichotomy that it almost makes me feel for the woman who went into nursing to find a husband doctor. More likely she goes for the handsome and athletic paramedic than Dweeby McDweeberson.

I am not much for shaming people as many on social media are attempting to do with these hospital workers. The whole How Dare You boomer-rant comes across as terribly pretentious and ungenuine. These workers have been under immense pressure and anxiety from all of the propaganda about Corona-chan, so it makes perfect sense in my mind that they let out a bit on tension when the bubonic plague did not come in force.

And I think we are all feeling that at some level. The black death was supposed to arrive, but it never did. And even for those of us who never were shaking in fear in the corner of our closets there is a general relief that this whole episode is coming to an end. The sentiment of the country is a wont of the return to normalcy.

And the only group that is blocking this logical return are the fear-mongers. It is no surprise who comprises this group as they are usual suspects with anything bad that is forced on the American people.

First, and foremost, you have the vain celebrities. It’s not so much that they have much to gain in creating fear as much as they have little to lose. Hollywood will slow down temporarily, but this crisis will make for many movies in the future. Also, their newest hobby over the past decade has been overtly telling the rest of how to live, so perpetuating the fear helps them pass the time in a recreational manner. Lastly, ever the sensitive personalities, they never miss an opportunity to be dramatic or show the world how they are feeeeeling.

The second group are the politicians. If you haven’t observed it yet, the modus operandi of Washington is “If there isn’t a crisis, then create one.” Every agenda needs a catalyst and the bigger the collective anxiety the greater the opportunity there is to create Venezuela 2.0 a Marxist Utopia. Plus, like the celebrities, the politicians are so rich that this crisis literally doesn’t affect them. Hell, in the economy of the matter, a crisis increases the demand for their services so they are happy to prolong the disaster because it makes them feel needed. This also applies to fame hungry bureaucrats… looking your way Dr. Fauci.

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