Covid-ertly Opportunistic

I’ve been making trips to the grocery store several times a week during Corona-chan’s blessed visit to our shores. I have no idea why this virus necessitates more frequent visits, especially when I am not hoarding any items. Last night, I was amused that the national chain that I frequent took the time to paint little squares for customers to stand on while waiting in the self-checkout line so that us scared sheeple know how to properly socially distance. Apparently, without such guidelines such as “Fucking stand here, idiot!” we would all just be dry-raping each other in line.

I can’t blame the store though. Everyone, and perhaps especially every business and every leader has to look like they are doing their utmost to prevent the spread of the common cold’s bad-ass cousin. And if they are not giving their utmost to prevention, then they are some type of sociopath. So, virtue-signaling by mandating that customers go through lines with the formality of going through border customs is just covering your company’s ass. And I guess I mean Japan’s practices with customs, not the United States. Here we just let anyone through with a welcoming wave of white guilt, so that analogy breaks down fairly quickly if you use the U.S. as an example.

I am much more sympathetic to people or companies trying to cover their ass for liability during this crisis than I am for people trying to seize it as some sort of opportunity. The Pope, who is the primary reason that I am not Catholic, is trying to leverage this pandemic to harp about climate change. During the greatest opportunity for spiritual reform since at least the Cold War, if not WWII, this little Mason wants to not convert people, because its evil for Christians to do that, but to compel them to recycle.

And then you have grifters like Ilhan Omar who want to use this opportunity of immense vulnerability to institute communism- excuse me, Democratic Totalitarian Communism- because we are oh so enjoying the bread lines, so why not just keep the spirit of the revolution alive.

Side note, I would vote Republican if for no other reason than their social media commenters are less annoying. The first comment to Comrade Ilhan was this:

Really, bitch? You went to put a down-payment on a nice home in the suburbs and cocaine Mitch crashed the party? Your agent was like, “Sorry Monty, Cocaine McConnell is a bad Motherf-, and he says we can’t take your money.”

But, I digress. The brother-fucker is not going to be successful in her Stalin pitch because she and #dasquad have the same solution to every problem. “Stock market is in bull and the American economy is the best it has been in years? Well, that’s really racist and we should try Communism instead!” Which sounds similar to, “Lost your job and you’re down on your luck because the bat-eating Chinese released a highly-infectious disease out into the world? We should try Communism!” Even normies become numb to such repitition.

That’s why I appreciate Trump. He’s not an ideologue. He’s a results guy. If damn Marco Rubio had been president during this fiasco we would have invariably heard how the invisible hand was going to solve our problems in the long-term. Meanwhile the Fed would still have pumped out trillions to save those who already have billions. The fed would have done the same under Hillary Clinton, but she would have also allowed a million more Mexicans across the border once the crisis ensued, because there’s not an economic problem that an illegal immigrant can’t solve.

And then there’s the damn Democrats in Congress, trying to use this opportunity to pass their woke agenda… again. Apparently, government bureaucrats are in need of job security just as much private sector employees. Oh yeah, and they’re trying to fund the hospitals, because apparently business isn’t booming right now during the pandemic.

The last fun thing I did yesterday was look at the Twitter trending section. This is not a usual practice of mine and something in the past that I have actively avoided doing. But, I have learned that Twitter is not nearly as infuriating if you approach it with the right attitude, which is, to laugh at the other side. Yesterday, I was not disappointed.

The number one trending item was #WhyImVotingForJoe. The posts were hilarious. About half the posts were from bots and the other half were regarding Joe being the alternative to OrangeManBad or how great Biden is because he’s friend’s with a black guy. The left has had four long years to prepare a counterattack to Trump and the best fighter they could find cannot even finish a sentence. Furthermore, even when they prop him up on Twitter (because there is no way in hell that is what Tweeters were actually discussing in earnest) the alleged supporters of senile creepy Joe sound lame and preprogrammed as hell.

November is going to be glorious.

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