Liberals Deny Reality

I’m not really a classic Republican type, nor a conservative, for that matter. By inherited personality, I am a libertarian who was forced to come to terms with the fact that libertarianism does sucks in the real world. I’m a Republican, for now, because the Democrats’ platform is so overtly retarded that I see it as beyond redemption. Open-borders, cultural marxism, climate change, and government subsidized baby killing are the most egregious examples of their policies that are so remarkably ignorant and evil that I could never be associated with their party as it currently stands.

But, the biggest thing that bothers me about Democrats and liberals is that they do not seem to have a firm grip on reality. And I don’t mean the politicians. Most of the politicians on both sides of the aisle come across to me as fundamentally dishonest, so there is no categorical difference in my mind between say, Kamala Harris and Marco Rubio. I mean the Democrat voters. They always seem to be caught up in the way that the world should work instead of the way that it actually functions.

Now, there is something be said for having ideals and goals for change. After all, every worthwhile and valuable project begins with a vision of what does not currently exist. However, liberals take this a step further and want to not only to make the best of what is currently possible, but attempt to alter the nature of reality itself. When you embrace this quixotic mindset over a long enough span of time it turns you into a fundamentally dishonest person. As Jesus would say, “If your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.”

A case in point…

I feel every bone of my body yearning for leadership. Yet, it is tragically lacking at the national and international levels.

As the certainties we hold dear appear to be shifting beneath our feet, one man is uniquely positioned to step into the void. Yet, despite his position as the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden appears to be balking at the chance. Now with Bernie Sanders announcing the end of his candidacy on April 8th, Joe Biden has become our leader by default — not just of the Democratic Party, but of our whole country and the free world.

We need a coordinated global response to this virus; Joe, please show us how it is done. You seem to have disappeared over the last month or so since the primaries have been postponed. This is the wrong approach, Joe. We need to see more of you on our TV screens than the ever-present Dr. Anthony Fauci. Bizarrely, the polls say Americans are more satisfied with Trump’s leadership style towards the pandemic than your own. This means you must change tack.
Given this ‘feedback’, you must play the role of “shadow” President — injecting a voice of reason into the national debate and constantly demonstrating to Americans how an experienced statesman would be handling the current crisis.

While reading this article, I kept looking for clues that it was attempting to be intentionally ironic. But when I looked up the authors, I realized they were being genuine.

This is why the leftists were literally wailing in agony after Trump won in 2016. Their minds literally couldn’t handle the cognitive dissonance because they had never seriously considered the fact that Hillary could lose. It is this same dissonance that bred denial, which led to the Muh Russia witch hunt and Ukraine impeachment shenanigans.

Joe Biden is exactly the last person on Earth you should be looking to for leadership right now. Joe Biden cannot formulate a sentence. Neither can Joe Biden cook an Eggo waffle or tie his own shoes. Precisely no one views him as the leader of the Democrat Party, let alone the country or the free-world.

But don’t fail to notice that these hopeless dweebs are forced to point out a contradiction. In this crisis, Trump’s leadership has been more popular than Joe Biden’s. But, since Orange Man Bad And Not Good, Joe Biden must fill the void that Trump already competently occupies.

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