God-Emperor To Create Second Taskforce To Reopen Economy

I like the sound of this. For a person who advocates for a mixed economy this is a good direction to take the country.

“The idea here would be a commission that would have to report back to the president, I think, in no longer than three weeks,” Moore said Monday, adding that he speaks with top administration officials almost daily.

“The idea would be getting leading authorities, world renowned business people, economists, experts to come up with ideas about steps that could be taken to reopen the economy.”

Moore added, “I think what’s being envisioned is a totally independent group that wouldn’t be funded and organized like a presidential commission, but instead would be more informal, and able to work more quickly and efficiently.”

Moore suggested that conservative economist Art Laffer, who recently received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump, be tapped to lead the commission.

But in recent days, Meadows has emerged as a more likely candidate to lead the task force, though NBC reports that no final decision has been made.

Half the problems with Socialism are caused by the regimes being ran by idiots who have never operated a business. The other half of the problems are because they incentivize lazy behavior. With Trump, his hands on strategy with the economy works because he knows what the hell he is doing.

Perhaps we can nationalize the media while we’re at it. Oh, that’s stupid? Look at how the freedom of the press turned out. It’s all owned by foreigners anyhow. Anyway, it won’t happen, I know, but perhaps Pence thought of the next best thing.

Vice President Mike Pence’s office is barring top public health officials from appearing on CNN until the news network agrees to air the White House’s daily coronavirusbriefings in their entirety, CNN reportedon Thursday.

CNN often airs only the first portion of the daily briefings live, the part that is typically led by President Donald Trump, before returning to their news anchors during the second half of the briefing.

We don’t call them the enemies of the American people for nothing, folks.

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