Small Businesses Strike Back At China

While I doubt anything will come of this, it is nice to see Americans recognizing who is at fault and attempting to hold them responsible.

A group of U.S.-based small businesses has filed an $8 trillion lawsuit against China, alleging that the nation’s communist government knew as early as mid-November that COVID-19 was a new, deadly virus, but covered it up.

TMZ reports:

A group of small businesses in California — including Cardiff Prestige Property, Little Saigon Chamber of Commerce, First Premier X and others — just filed the lawsuit against the People’s Republic of China, the City of Wuhan and that country’s Health Commission. . . .

The lawsuit — which this coalition is aiming to make a class-action by inviting similarly affected businesses across the U.S. — also alleges it’s possible a bio-weapons lab near Wuhan could be responsible for the infected bat that ended up in a wet market … ultimately starting the pandemic.

The group is seeking $8 trillion in damages to recoup lost businesses it has lost or will lose as a result of China’s alleged nefarious actions.

Welcome to the world stage that you’ve been aspiring to. Here, we hold empires responsible for shutting down the world economy.

And while nothing will likely come from this financially, it will definitely be used by Trump to win his team-election in 2020 and garner more support for his trade war with China.

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