China Lied About Their Coronavirus Death Toll

That China lied about their Coronavirus death toll is something that has been suspected for quite some time. However, since we can’t expect the Chinese State to be transparent and the WHO won’t do an honest investigation of the extent of the virus in China, we have had to rely on the Chinese people to supply the numbers. I have been reluctant to place much trust in these estimates coming from the ground in China, but that’s mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t find how the estimates were calculated. So, when I heard that 42,000 people had died in Wuhan from the coronavirus, contra the 3,333 that is reported at the time of writing, I was certainly intrigued, but remained skeptical.

That was until I read the Taiwan News article chronicling the story of how the Chinese were cremating people while still alive. In this same article, the logic of the death toll of 42,000 becomes apparent.

A staffer from a funeral home in Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, claimed the number of bodies she and her co-workers have had to transport and cremate each day is four to five times higher than the usual amount. Based on the account, the daily average number of bodies suspected of being coronavirus victims is estimated at 225 at a single Wuhan funeral home or 4,725 in total between Jan. 22 and Feb. 12.

There are eight registered funeral homes in Wuhan. If the funeral home staffer’s account is true, it would mean there were 1,628 deaths per day in the city and a total of 34,200 in the 21 days leading up to the report.

World Health Organization (WHO) Assistant Director-General Dr. Bruce Aylward this week lavished praise on Communist China for its handling of the outbreak and revealed his doubts that many other countries in the world will be able to contain it. After having safely returned to WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Aylward expressed confidence in the communist regime’s health care system, proclaiming: “You know, if I had COVID-19, I’d want to be treated in China.”

Keep in mind, this was all being reported from Taiwan at the end of February. There has been plenty of time for the body count to rise above the 34,200 estimate.

These higher estimates are certainly more believable than the count of 3,000 that China keeps toting as a badge of honor. No matter how severe they were in their quarantine enforcement, it seems impossible that the Chinese could keep the death toll that low if they attempting to contain a novel and highly contagious virus in a dirty and densely populated urban setting. Keep in mind that Wuhan is comparable in size to New York City and look at the devastation the virus is doing to the latter.

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