China Cremates Coronavirus Victims Alive

This is certainly not a new story, but it has not received much attention in the American media, likely because that media is too busy fawning over what a great job China did at containing the Coronavirus.

In this video you will see a Chinese lady taking a ride in a taxi with the driver wearing full protective gear. She has just been released from the hospital and is about to relay some horrible practices that she witnessed there. She sounds fairly upset by it, but then again, the Chinese always sound upset.

And while we may never be able to verify these events, it is interesting to note with what low level of skepticism we are able to hear this account and believe that it could be true. While we certainly are never shocked to hear that our government, the United States government, has done something sinister, I think an action like this committed by our government truly lies beyond our pale of imagination. This inability to imagine our own State doing something like this is only partly, and to a minor degree, due to our collective belief that our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are morally superior. No, the major reason we have a difficult time imagining this happening in America is because our politicians could never pull it off with impunity. Hillary Clinton likely does sacrifice babies to Moloch, after all, but probably does not walk into a hospital to find her instrument for propitiation.

It is also worth noting that even our most demonic individuals here in the West are somewhat restrained by our cultural Christian inertia. Even after a few centuries of enlightenment thinkers attempting to undermine Christianity as the foundation of our culture, the morality still persists even in those who actively oppose it. Many westerners who have never traveled outside of their own civilization are ignorant to what degree everyone else in the world is not like them, and does not view the world as they do, despite how they are bombarded with the lie that “Everyone is the same” from effeminate pop-globalists spokeswomen. I’ll never forget my mission trip I took as a college student to Papua New Guinea. I had always taken the verse “Husbands love your wives… and wives respect your husbands” as axiomatic. It was not, in that primitive tribal culture, where severe domestic violence was the standard, not the exception. Where rival tribes raiding each other villages and murdering children was just a regular way of life.

In the West, we value life at every turn because Christianity has made that impression on our civilization. In China, this is not the case. So, hospital workers loading up living persons into body bags is acceptable, even if it’s not desirable.

Below, lies the the transcript of the article.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the World Health Organization (WHO) praises China for its “tailored approach” to handling the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, a video has surfaced of a Chinese woman vividly describing patients being bound in body bags and cremated while still alive.

On Feb. 24, a group of overseas Chinese students which calls itself Youth Production (少年譯製) uploaded a video of a Chinese woman approximately in her 60s sharing her traumatic experience surviving a stay in a Wuhan hospital while infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In the video, titled “Burned Alive,” a woman wearing a surgical face mask and speaking with a heavy Wuhan accent tells her harrowing tale to a taxi driver who is covered from head to toe in protective gear.

She starts by saying that she was in bed number 18, when another patient, a male in his 70s, was admitted on the morning Jan. 28 and stayed in bed 17. She said that by that afternoon, a team from Tianjin had arrived and found that the patient was having difficulty inhaling.

The woman said that she was experiencing the same symptoms, but not as severely as she was younger. She said that the man was weak but was still breathing when medical workers “bound his head” and then his hands and feet, which were “still moving.”

The traumatized survivor then said that medical personnel placed the man in a black plastic bag and pulled up the zipper, before placing him in yet another plastic bag. She said they then wrapped the man in two more layers with an unidentified material.

When the driver asked what kind of medical treatment was offered to the man, she said that the hospital only had oxygen. She said that the lack of medical supplies made the facility feel more like a “nursing home” than the infectious disease hospital it claimed to be.

The driver then asked if the man was burned alive. She confirmed that the man was still alive when he was sent for cremation, and she said there were fears that the toxic gas from the crematorium would spread.

She claimed that she actually saw several cases of living patients stuffed in body bags and taken for cremation. She said that another elderly man in her isolation ward was still breathing but was also sent for cremation.

The woman said that she saw this on several occasions and began to burst into tears as she thought of the “miserable” fate of her fellow patients. When the driver asked why doctors did not try to save the first patient, she said that there was very little in the way of medical supplies available other than oxygen.

The horrified woman said she had never seen anything like it and said the patients were treated “just like dead dogs.” The video closed with the woman saying that those who were dead “were stacked one after another in yellow body bags.”

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