Insecure Communists

Side Note:The entire time when I was reading this article I kept thinking about the HBO mini-series Chernobyl. Communist regimes seem much more interested in how a difficult situation appears than how it is resolved.

Main Point: The World Health Organization was happy to pass along China’s “Everything’s Great Over Here” propaganda, probably because its Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a communist comrade of the Chinese. Had the WHO done its job and investigated the origin and extent of the COVID-19 outbreaks, you wouldn’t be in quarantine right now.

One reason is that official data from China is often highly dubious—which can lead to ill-advised health policies in other countries, since studies based on information from China are the first used to understand COVID-19. Countless cases of people dying at home in Wuhan—some being described in social media posts—will probably never go into the statistics. And while a report by Caixin on the Chinese province of Heilongjiang said that a considerable percentage of asymptomatic cases has not been reported—which amounts to about 50 percent more known infections in China, according to a South China Morning Postreport on classified government data—WHO takes numbers reported by Beijing at face value.

Never trust a civilization that eats bats. Never trust an organization that shills for bat-eaters.

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