A Lab, An Animal, A Party, Or a Nation?

Yesterday, I focused my criticism on the Chinese Communist Party and their willing shills, the World Health Organization. Had the former been transparent at what was occurring in their domain or the latter bothered to ask even one critical question in their investigation, then chances are the world would be in a much better place right now. But they didn’t. We are in quarantine. And now many world leaders, notably Republicans in the United States, are justly asking for the resignation of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom.

But the WHO was only complicit in the cover-up. Their behavior was obviously not the reason COVID infected humans to begin with. While acknowledging that the Chinese claim that COVID was that fault of the US military, we also have no good reason to trust anything the Chinese say. So, that leaves the two main theories on the table for the origin of COVID-19: A bat or a lab? David Cole is all in on the bat.

In last week’s column, I detailed how in 2003, a coronavirus called SARS became a global health menace. SARS began as a virus in bats, and it would have stayed that way but for the fact that Chinese people love eating exotic animals, which are sold in grotesque “wet markets” where species that wouldn’t normally mix in the wild mix with each other and with humans. I quoted numerous scientists on how the “wet markets” are where SARS made the “spillover” from bat to human (through an intermediary carrier—the civet—which is a delicacy in China), and how the next wet-market zoonotic disease would be even worse.

The science on SARS is uncontested, but that’s only because it didn’t become a huge international plague. SARS conspiracy theories didn’t drive web traffic, so the fantasists let it be. But with COVID, we want a mad scientist in a lab as the villain, not a billion arrogant, selfish, but ordinary assholes who refuse to alter their gutter tastes in the name of saving lives.

This article is in response to a piece done by Tucker Carlson last week called the “Chinese Report.” In this segment Tucker argues for the origins of COVID coming from lab. This quoted article is a sharp and despairing critique of Carlson’s conspiracy theory.

Cole wants to blame the Chinese people. Tucker wants to blame the Chinese government. But why can’t it be both? If the wet markets are to blame for the first human infection, which Cole convincingly argues for, then we must first acknowledge that the Chinese government permitted these wet markets to exist. Oh, and then the government lied about COVID’s rate of infection, how many of their own people contracted the virus, and how many of their own people died. This then led to our current predicament.

It’s not just that the Chinese people suck or the Chinese government that sucks or that WHO sucks… They all suck.

Let’s learn from this mistake. Be nationalistic. Produce our own goods. Restrict trade and any reliance on China. Stop funding the WHO.

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