Does Gen-X Know That They Sound Like Boomers?

Apparently those damn Millennials are at it again.

The ‘Covidiots’ have struck again. Authorities in the Swedish municipality of Eslov have warned residents that millennials are running around town “coughing, sneezing, and spitting beside the elderly in the so-called ‘coronavirus challenge,'” reported RT News.


A new normal is setting in across the world, the virus isn’t going away anytime soon, and will likely hit specific countries in waves. The youth, ignoring social distancing measures and lockdowns, and even in an extreme case, knowingly or at least attempting to spread the virus to the elderly, has made containment efforts rather hard for governments. 

The youth are ignoring social distancing because the virus does not usually affect them. We are all going to be infected with this highly contagious virus at some point or another, so stop being a drama boy.

The entire world shutdown so that Boomers could live a few more years in their decadence. The least they could put up with are some mean jokes.

If anything, these mean pranks should motivate the Boomers to stay home, which is where they should be. And while I’m on the subject, the Boomers being out and about in public as they are ubiquitously across the quarantined world, is the behavior that you should actually be morally outraged with if you insist on being so concerned with their well-being.

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