AOC Wants Power Not Change

For all of her rhetoric, it’s fairly obvious that AOC is simply interested in power. And as a Democrat, that means playing nice with others and not going after her own party.

Of the half-dozen incumbent primary challengers Justice Democrats is backing this cycle, Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed just two. Neither was a particularly risky move: Both candidates — Jessica Cisneros in Texas and Marie Newman in Illinois — were taking on conservative Democrats who oppose abortion rights and later earned the support of several prominent national Democrats.

Ocasio-Cortez’s reluctance marks a break with the outsider tactics of the activist left, represented by groups like Justice Democrats. This election cycle, the organization is trying to boot not just conservative Democrats but also some liberal Democrats and to replace them with members who are more left-wing. In other words, to replicate what it pulled off against Rep. Joe Crowley in 2018 by recruiting Ocasio-Cortez. 

Ocasio-Cortez’s shift coincides with turnover among top aides in her congressional office — replacing some outspoken radicals with more traditional political professionals — along with a broader reckoning on the left on how to expand Sanders’ coalition after his failure to significantly do so in the presidential primary. Some progressives have questioned whether Sanders should have softened his anti-establishment rhetoric and tried to build bridges with mainstream Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 rather than betting big on turning out disaffected and first-time voters.

No longer backing your fellow comrades, eh comrade?

The least surprising trait of AOC the article draws attention to is her personal conflict avoidance. That may be a surprise to some as she is often depicted as a firebrand. This seeming contradiction is reconciled by two facts. First, she is a woman. Second, when she is not in front of a microphone or is unaware that she is on camera, she has a rather sweet demeanor. Her radical politics are just strong maternal instincts projected onto an international scale. So, I suppose my second point is the same as my first.

Bernie is approved opposition to the primary Globalist Narrative. That much is clear by his massive wealth. But, it does still require some stones to play that role as well as he has his entire political career. AOC doesn’t even have the stones to play that role. In five years, you can expect her platform will be identical to the DNC’s.

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