Corona-Biden Cover-Up

While we are brainstorming outlandish reasons why there was such a strong enthusiasm for the Coronavirus panic and ensuing lockdown of the entire country, I have a theory to offer. COVID-19 panic was primarily about buying the democrats some time to figure out how they intended to fix their blunder of a presidential primary. If you can recall ancient history, that is, about a month ago before we locked up hundreds of millions of perfectly healthy individuals, the democrats were in full panic mode. The party’s primary contender to battle Donald Trump in the upcoming general election was, and still is, a senile geriatric who could barely form a full sentence without embarrassing himself. The backup option was, and still is, a crotchety old communist who despite being given multiple opportunities to recant, just wouldn’t stop defending the legacy of Fidel Castro. Ouch. Things were not looking good. Furthermore, if your memory can extend back beyond these last few weeks within the confines of your home, you’d recall that the Dems were also still licking their wounds from a terribly unpopular coup attempt in impeaching the POTUS.

To be clear, I’m not arguing that the Dems planted COVID-19 just as a distraction to the 2020 elections. They’re not that smart. They are however, opportunistic enough to take an event that is fairly serious, like a pandemic, and using their own platforms via the propaganda arm of the media, to drum up so much panic that they could buy themselves a few months break in the news cycle while they conjured up a new plan. It’s not completely working, as Biden has refused to stop speaking and thereby continuing to make a fool of himself.

And not all of the GOP senators are thrown off the scent of corruption that came from Biden before the world went into lockdown.

A key Senate committee is vowing to press forward with its investigation targeting former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, despite logistical challenges posed by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The probe, which Democrats vigorously oppose, has fueled tension among the Senate’s ranks, even breaking out into a rare and previously unreported verbal altercation between senators during a classified briefing.

Oh yeah, that whole thing. That little detail where the democrat party projected its own sins onto President Trump in their impeachment attempt. Too bad for the donkeys the issue is not going away.

The masses are already beginning to tire of this quarantine and panic nonsense. There has to be Phase 2 coming soon. And when that next stage comes soon, my bet is that the Dems will need a new distraction from their party’s bad optics.

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