China’s Sins Plaguing The Rest Of The World

It seems I have found a government that I trust even less than the United States’s and that is the Chinese. I was planning on writing about China even before the news broke yesterday that the Chinese were implementing a second quarantine. We can now be all but certain at this point that China was more than just fudging their number of coronavirus cases. Those numbers were incredibly low given the density of population there after witnessing what has taken place in Italy, Spain, and the US. The Chinese lied about it. Whether this lie was to save face or maliciously intended so that other countries underprepared or both we may never know. The fact is that they did lie and people died as a result of it.

And then there’s the mystery of how this pandemic began. While we may never know the true origins of this virus, we can be reasonably certain the blame falls at the feet of the Chinese government. I am less and less inclined to believe the claim that this virus was a bio attack from a covert US military operation as Chinese intelligence has claimed. First, my dubiousness is partly because it is the Chinese government making this claim… and they are liars. But secondly, the further we move into this pandemic the less this outbreak seems to be deliberate. No, it has more of an accidental type of feel.

That leaves us with two theories of the origin. The first theory is that this was a virus designed by the Chinese government in a biolab that was in close-proximity to the meat market where this outbreak began. One of the test animals either escaped or was let loose when it began infecting people. I can’t rule this theory out a possibility, but the two assumptions that it requires are a bit difficult to buy into: That an animal was able to escape from a highly secure biolab or that the Chinese did this to their own people.

The second theory is that this virus was brought in by an animal being sold at the exotic meat market in Wuhan. Here’s what I didn’t know until a few days ago: The SARS epidemic back in 2003 also began in an exotic meat market. Why do all of these pandemics begin in Chinese meat markets? Well, that’s because 83% of Chinese people eat exotic animals and these unsanitary markets are common over there. Furthermore, they bring together animals that would never be close proximity otherwise, thus facilitating the spread of disease.

Are the Chinese aware of this danger? Of course they are! They shutdown the markets back in 2003 after acknowledging SARS occurred due to these them being open. Then, when the Chinese people complained about not being able to eat bats or monkeys or whatever, the government permitted the re-opening of the markets three months later. Even if this outbreak was not due to the meat markets, and let’s be honest that it likely was, the outbreak could have been due to the exotic markets being allowed to operate.

Let’s hope that on the other side of this debacle that Trump receives much more support in the trade war against China.

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