Empires Crumble Anticlimactically

There has been consistent speculation long before the Coronavirus pandemic that the American Empire will be crumbling soon, but in my personal reading, there has been a certain dearth of description concerning what this fall will look like. The lone exception being Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic, which describes how America will split in two along ideological lines. And while the book is fictional, I think Schlichter does a solid job of describing the cancerous nature of the coastal elitist states and how the rest of us may have to isolate ourselves from these hellholes in the future.

Yesterday, I happened to read two different articles that observed correlations between the Coronavirus fallout and the fall of the Empire. Neither, by the way, were supposing that the current crisis would lead to the fall.

The first article simply observed that during the fall we would be living under a police state, while simultaneously and ironically, the police would refuse to uphold law and order. This can be seen taking place right now as certain districts around the country are essentially asking their officers to back off while at the same time that we have heightened police supervision in the streets in case insurrection unfolds.

The second article was pointing the same phenomenon of the police being asked to back off while noting that this trend is part of a larger movement of America deciding it no longer needs law and order. The author points out that in his native LA County the District Attorney that is likely to be elected this upcoming November is a revolutionary vowing to decriminalize property crime. And the author wanted to make this point very clear, that we are voting these leaders into office who are vowing to destroy law and order.

Naturally, as we cannot seem to stop comparing ourselves to them, these observations remind me about the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome failed to uphold law and protect its own territory. They decided to withdraw from certain territories to conserve their own resources and protect their most valued areas. When this occurred, the areas that Rome abandoned left a power vacuum that other parties were pleased to fill.

And this is I believe how the end of America as we know it will come. There won’t likely be some grand civil war that is fought between the representatives of ideologies. More likely the case is that our foreign imperialistic wars will exhaust our resources to the point where we can no longer protect our current territory. Budgets will be cut. Police will be laid off. The police officers that remain employed will be controlled by corrupt politicians, even if the officers themselves are not bad people. Like in California and New York today, the police will be asked to stop pursuing criminals as crimes themselves are removed from the legal code.

This state of affairs leads to chaos and desperation. The desperation leads to local and regional parties enforcing law and morality since the government no longer will. These parties will likely start off as small bands of men looking out for their communities. Then they’ll organize and consolidate, and once that happens, they’ll eventually become political. And when these parties become political is when small regions of what we currently call the United States will begin partitioning off into different political units. There probably won’t be war as much as skirmishes. And the empire, lacking resolve, morale, and purpose will eventually allow some of these other parties to take control. As the wear of these various blows begin to take their toll financially, as this empire has a foundation of wealth, the elites desire to rule will fade and they will search out greener pastures.

The empire will not go out with some Armageddon type of battle, but will slowly fade over time.

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