The Coronavirus Relief Bill – The Good & The Bad

Pelosi’s ridiculous list of woke requests in the bill aside, both parties had some reasonable criticisms of the bill. But first, some good news about Pelosi’s woke agenda.

Gone from the stimulus bill are mentions of mandatory early voting, ballot harvesting, requirements that federal agencies review their usage of “minority banks,” and attempts to curb airlines’ carbon emissions — a Pelosi demand that even Saikat Chakrabarti, the former chief of staff to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and an author of the Green New Deal, called “ridiculous.”

“What’s not in the Senate’s bipartisan coronavirus bill: Pelosi’s outrageous wish list,” wrote GOP national spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington. “0 mentions of ‘diversity.’ 0 mentions of ’emissions.’ 0 mentions of ‘early voting.’ 0 mentions of ‘climate change.’ Good!”

So, at least that shit is out.

The Republicans for their part, had some legitimate concerns about how much people were going to be paid under the unemployment package, as many people could be expected to receive a wage for not working at all. And while Democrats rightly countered this criticism by saying that the average American worker needs a raise, it is absurdly idiotic to give them that deserved cost of living increase by incentivizing to them to stay home. If you want to see the Democrat party in a nutshell, you can see it in the logic of paying people handsomely to not work at all.

However much I might agree that Americans deserve a cost of living increase, it is simply stupid to incentivize them to not work.

The Democrats, to their credit, had some legitimate concerns of their own. The same Bernie Sanders who supports the four month raise for workers for not working at all wanted some legitimate loan oversight to the corporations receiving aid from the government.

I mean, have we not come to expect corporations to ship overseas or to layoff their workforce in the pursuit of a better bottomline? There’s a ton of money being thrown around here, so placing some stipulations for good behavior is not communistic as much as just being reasonable. The great recession taught us that large bailouts will first stuff the pockets of the 1% before the scraps are thrown to the common man unless these narcissists are told what they can and cannot do with it.

Unfortunately, both of these legitimate concerns from each party were sacrificed to the imperatives of expeditiousness and compromise, which is lamentable, but understandable. America needs relief and we don’t have months for each chamber of congress to construct the perfect bill.

For the middle-class common man, they can expect $1,200 per individual and $500 per child. I think this a solid amount although I might change my mind when I see how much inflation this causes. For me and my family, this looks to be a $2,900 check, which is almost exactly the money I’m predicting to lose over this same time period from my hours and salary and hours being cut so that I could hold on to a job.

ALL of the above assumes that Pelosi and the girls don’t alter the bill as it goes to the lower chamber. That is a tall order for the enemy of the American people.

Assuming we can stifle this outbreak, perhaps it’s not the end of the world.

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