Re-Opening By Easter

Trump has announced that he wants the economy to be re-open by Easter in his effort to not let the cure to be worse than the disease. Many will undoubtedly deride him for this ambitious goal of having the country running again in about two and a half weeks. And while this estimate is likely to change, I believe it to be a reasonable goal thus far.

We are already seeing a slow down of the infection rate. However tentative these reporting numbers might be, the majority of Americans are either mandated to socially distance and stay home or are voluntarily doing so. It is reasonable to assume these drastic efforts are working.

Even in New York, which is by far the worst state affected, the rate seems to be slowing. However, the city still has a long way to go before it can afford to be optimistic. The outbreak shows a legitimate weakness of city living, and the larger and more dense the city, the more vulnerable it is to this type of epidemic. How the hell are you suppose to socially distance yourself in a city that has a population density of 26,000 people per square mile? On a related note, I think India is screwed.

In other news, the Democrats are still proving that they would happily burn the country to the ground before ceding any ground in the culture war. We are still waiting for the relief package to be approved by Congress. The irony in the Democrats opportunistically using this crisis to further the woke agenda is that it is their constituents that are being the most adversely affected by their refusal to act quickly. And the EveryMan is well aware that the Pelosi’s and Schumer’s of the world are not worried about how they are going to pay their bills next month, after all, we’re paying those bills. This is yet another common peak behind the curtain for mainstream America who is reticent to accept the villainous nature of the elite establishment politicians. The elected officials who currently mumble platitudes like “Just be patient we’re doing this for your good” will certainly be punished in November.

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