Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s “Flaws”

This is a really cool song. I originally heard in the background at a restaurant, shazamed it, and then have been listening to it on repeat. My wife and I originally thought it was Bon Iver, but no. While originally attracted to the ambient pathos of the song, I was pleasantry surprised to see it was lyrically well-written. And then I absolutely shocked to discover this was sang by an eighteen year-old. Enjoy!

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Flaws

The weight, I’m gone
In my skin, I’m lost
Tangled in the bones of this love
Melding to the flow of your blood

Grace bestowed
But I was shaped with snow
Seasons don’t change
Ignorance remains

I need this alone
I need this alone

The burdens on this chest
The vessel of these words
Sinking under tension
Drew after thoughts and hurt

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