The Boomers Want The Millennials “Help” …Again

Oh, boomers. They’ll never understand their level of self-absorption. I know that may sound hypocritical coming from a millennial, but let’s survey the situation.

It is well known at this juncture that the Coronavirus is a boomer-slayer and that most younger people, i.e. millennials, will be asymptomatic with the virus at best, or suffer mildly at worst, in most cases. Nevertheless, the burden of stopping this virus falls on the generation that is not strongly affected by it.

Millennials have been encouraged to “socially distance” themselves because they could be unaware outbreak monkeys spreading COVID-19 amongst each other, but more significantly, to boomers. And while on the surface that sounds all fine and dandy it has had implications of unbelievable proportions. Turns out, asking the largest segment of the population to distance themselves from one another ends up shutting down the economy. Anyone want to take a guess which generation that affects the most? Not Boomers, who already have lived a long and spoiled life. Most of them are in retirement or selfishly occupying a prominent position in a company and are somewhat immune (ironic pun intended) to the impending recession.

So, who suffers? You guessed it. The millennials. It’s the same people that are being asked to save the day or are being forced to do so by government officials who suffer the most. They’re the ones who are being laid off. They’re the ones who have no savings because they entered the workforce during a shitty economy. And let’s not mistake it, the economy was shitty because the boomers customized it to benefit their own bottom line and hose every generation of Americans that would come after them.

Keep in mind, all of the above could be avoided for the most part, both the boomercaust and the economic malaise, if the boomers would just socially distance themselves from society for a month. But, we’ve all learned by now that you can never trust a boomer to do anything good for any other g-g-g-generation.

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