Corona Drama Play

Z-Man nails about these shenanigans being a publicity stunt for “concerned” elitists, who happen to be the same people placing draconian sanctions that will put some of us in bread lines by the time this is all over.

But, when this drama play becomes a real crisis and people start rioting because they can’t buy food due to losing their job over the economic downturn from this hoax… things will become very real to these same divas.

In the end, something that has been obvious for a long time, but is now becoming quite clear, is that this process ends with a real crisis. The final act leads to a real threat to society and the real need for competent leaders. If they do manage to crash the system this time, public tolerance for girl politicians suddenly drops to zero. Everyone suddenly figures out what things really cost and the price of the public drama queen makes them a prohibitive leisure item in a time of want.

In other words, bye-bye ruling class.

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