Hollywood Self-Indictment

I’m not always in the mood for entertainment with a great deal of depth to it. Sometimes, I just want some eye-candy and a multitude of high-budget action sequences: Hence, my love for the Fast & Furious franchise. Say whatever you want about it, I love cars and they’re always a good bit of humor in them, so these movies, on occasion, suit my mood. Also, they don’t pretend to be brilliant, which in Hollywood I think is becoming a strong asset.

You could imagine my surprise when I watched Hobbs & Shaw last night. It had all of the aforementioned trappings of other movies in this franchise, but the plot, while not terribly complex, was a bit more sinister. Our heroes were not stopping a heist, but an intentional viral pandemic. The release of this virus was being orchestrated by a small groups of elites bent on saving the earth from humanity itself. In addition to this, wait for it, this group also controls the narrative in all media outlets.

Sounds like cultural progressives if you ask me, who esteem mother Earth and are humanity-loathing. Since Hollywood is full of these satanists, it makes it all the more ironic when they make a movie where their own sub-culture is the antagonist.

Even Hollywood can’t help seeing themselves as the villains.

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