“Gen Z Is Awesome!” OK X-er

Over the past few years, there has been a growing optimism regarding the coming of age of Gen Z. They are allegedly more right-leaning than Millennials, so those entering their elder years are counting their lucky stars at the arrival of the Zoomers because “Hey, at least they’re not like the damn Boomer’s children.”

Why do people think this next generation is more conservative? Well, “studies show” they allegedly less tolerant of gay marriage, are not as prone to become tatted up, are fiscal conservatives, and more likely to attend church. Most of that sounds nice, I suppose, but I do have a bit of hard-time buying into the idea that Gen Z represents a radical departure from the despicable Millennials. But, before we detail why I believe Gen Z is being overrated, let’s talk about the bad and good of M’s, and this will help us understand why I believe what I do about Zoomers.

The follies of M’s are well-documented. We were spoiled growing up in good economic decade of the 90’s. We were raised on Disney and consequently have an unrealistic and entitled view of ourselves. We are globalists and hippies in our outlook, just like our damn Boomer parents, being completely hypnotized by the equalitarian thinking that is destroying Western nations. Plus, we don’t even know how to work a manual can opener.

All of these criticisms are valid. And yes, if weren’t for two blessings-in-disguise, the M’s were bound to be Boomer 2.0’s. The first tragedy that changed our collective trajectory for the better was the 2008 recession. Older M’s, like myself, had just graduated college and were fresh in the work force. And for many of us, were out of the work force in short order when the markets crashed. This event crushed any Disney-esque illusion we had of success growing up. For the younger M’s, this meant that they watched their parents struggle more than they had in the past. They were no longer going to be spending daddy’s money at the mall on the weekends like they had formerly and their parents were not going to be buying them a new car for their 16th birthday. And keep in mind this entire cohort, both older and younger, entered the workforce with ridiculous amounts of student debt. If you didn’t have a rich daddy, and many of our generation have estranged relationships with our Boomer dads, then learning a lean budget was not being frugal, it was a necessity.

The second blessing in disguise for M’s was turning 30. I’ve been watching this happen for a while now. 22 year-old M’s are usually leftist idealist types, but by the time they turn 30 and have more experience in the world, they are invariably more grounded and pragmatic than they were ten years before. The unicorns in their mind have all escaped by that point and they understand that not everyone grows up to be Taylor Swift or Lebron James. Adulthood is a character forming mechanism.

Back to Gen Z. Contrary to popular opinion, I think the Gen Z’s are at least as bad as M’s. I have managed thousands of young people in my job over the course of a decade and can tell you, from anecdotal observations at least, that the youngins are just as useless as the M’s were a decade ago. On the plus side, they don’t believe the world owes them as much, but on the downside, they’re basically all degenerates. A younger female employee was observing this other day when she claimed that she didn’t know anyone under 20 who wasn’t bisexual. My observations concur with this, as many times in my workplace I have been the only straight male on staff.

And why would we expect Gen Z’s to differ from M’s? It’s not as if post-2000 mothers were working with improved genetic material or that people started attending church en masse all of the sudden. So, when I read about the wonderful stats that sort-of-kind-of show that Gen Z is more right-leaning than M’s are, I am highly dubious.

My personal theory about the hype of Gen-Z is that the thinkers making these claims have their own anecdotal observations that are forming biases about the younger cohort. Gen Z, after all, are their children. They see their kids, whom they’ve formed into little nationalists and Christians (Good Job!) and falsely extrapolate from their household microcosm that “This generation of kids is going to be awesome! … Way better than useless Millennials!” Sorry to burst your bubble Gen X, but that’s just your kids and not the whole damn group.

The good news for Gen Z is that the same crucible forming mechanisms that turned the Millennials from useless turds into slightly less useless turds will have the same effect on Gen Z. Adulthood shatters many illusions.

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