Imagine If There Was a Real Emergency

Watching people’s behavior while preparing for the coronavirus could indicate how rowdy life could become if there were a more serious emergency.

Anyone who has done some grocery shopping over the past week has noticed the heightened tensions at their local supermarket. I have observed that Boomers especially have been on edge as Corona-chan is clearly out to get them. And while acknowledging it is wise to prepare for the unlikely event that you could be quarantined for various reasons, there is absolutely no reason to panic and act as if the damn zombie apocalypse is coming. I am completely unsurprised that people are breaking into fights over materials in stores given how frenzied the media has been in covering the coronavirus.

It makes me have very pessimistic thoughts about what would happen if there were a real emergency. If people can become violent over the last case of toilet paper, then imagine what they’ll do when the water actually is not running anymore.

This is not the end of the world even if people should stock up a bit more than usual. Toilet paper will return to the shelves. Water will continue to flow. But as social instability continues to rise in general over the next decade we could face scenarios where the essentials are not on the shelves anymore and that’s when everyday life could become very disturbing. That is why the only thing that I stocked up on yesterday was ammunition!

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