Talks Like A Western Elitist

Apparently, Erdogan has been practicing his insults to fit in as an EU country.

The Turkish president has a penchant for accusing other nations of Nazi-like behavior. In 2017, he accused Germany and the Netherlands of employing “Nazi practices” against Turkish citizens and his own government. When local German governments ran afoul of Erdogan that same year, the Turkish leader warned that European leaders “would revive gas chambers.”

More recently, Erdogan has used the Nazi label to go after Tel Aviv. In 2018, he stated that “Hitler’s spirit re-emerges in some of Israel’s rulers,” adding that the Jewish state is “the most fascist and racist country in the world.”

He’s been watching too much CNN.

I’m interested to see where this goes. The EU national leaders know they can’t get away with migrant crisis 2.0, but they also have melt at being called racist.

On the other hand, there’s no indication that Khan Erdogan has any intention of playing nice. Why should he? His culture never encouraged him to be effeminate.

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